Spring has come and you have already moved! This means that it’s time to unbox and to review the wardrobe and send winter clothes for storage. We have selected some practical tips for those who want to not only cope with this task, but also save space in a small apartment.

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1. We sort out 

First of all, collect all the things that you will not need until next winter, and divide them into 3 categories:

1. What you need to take to the dry cleaners-usually fur coats, sheepskin coats and down jackets made of delicate fabrics or with a fashionable metallic coating

2. What you can wash or clean yourself — clothes with the appropriate instructions on the label, shoes, scarves and hats

3. What is no longer good for anything

The last category is sent to the trash without regret, having checked the pockets in advance: it will be a shame to throw away something valuable.

Do not delay the dry cleaning of things that need it. Some spots become more persistent over time. Before the new season, they will be harder to deal with.

Sort things by category

2. Big wash

With the first two stacks sorted out, we proceed to the third. First of all, check the pockets of all clothing and read the instructions on the labels. Decide which items can be washed together and which can be washed separately.

Down Jackets are best washed separately using gentle liquid powders suitable for sports or membrane clothing. So that the fluff does not get lost, throw a couple of rubber balls into the drum.

Woolen and knitted items are washed in special bags in the manual washing mode. It is recommended to dry outerwear and knitwear in a horizontal position.

3. Clean leather, suede and nubuck

Before you put the shoes away for storage, provide them with additional care. Wash and dry the soles thoroughly. Leather shoes can be wiped with a damp cloth. Lubricate with special tools and allow to dry.

It is advisable not to expose suede and nubuck to strong moisture — these materials can lose their presentation. It is better to clean the surface of such shoes with a special rubber brush.

Leather gloves before wintering should be cleaned of dirt and wiped with a product with glycerin.

4. Preparing things for the winter

In order for things to properly overwinter and not deteriorate, they must be properly packed before being sent for storage.

Treat the cleaned fur products with a pest control agent and allow them to dry completely. Hang each item on a three-dimensional hanger and pack it in a fabric cover. You can not store fur coats in plastic bags — the fur will fade and acquire an unpleasant smell.

Down jackets and winter jackets are stored both on hangers and folded. Clothes with synthetic filler can be folded into vacuum bags: put one or more jackets in such a bag and pump out the air with a vacuum cleaner. Packed in this way, they will decrease in volume by 50-80%.

Woolen and knitted items should not be stored in dry-cleaning bags or bags. It is best to put them in boxes, having previously divided them according to the type of fabric.

A small life hack: put things in boxes not horizontally, but vertically. So they crumple less, because the pressure on them is minimal.

Put your shoes in the boxes and do not forget to add a moth remedy to them and for your stuff like your clothes, put a clothes moth killer.In the insulation made of fur or natural sheep wool, insects can easily get started.

Hats, scarves, and gloves should also be placed in boxes or containers.

5. We put things away for the winter

Congratulations, you are at the finish line. Now it remains to put things away for the winter in such a way that they do not interfere with you during the summer period.

We hang fur coats and sheepskin coats in the closet, moving them to one side. Ideally, there should be a couple of centimeters of free space between things.

Alternatively, they can be put in a special storage-a fur refrigerator. There, the fur will be stored at a low temperature and a certain humidity. But the pleasure is not cheap.

Put the shoe boxes on the mezzanine in the closet. The rule is simple — the longer you do not need the item, the higher and further it can be put.

Boxes and bags of clothing are best stored in a dark room with good ventilation. Use the horizontal shelves in the closet, the space under the bed, or the bottom drawers of the dresser in the bedroom.

If there are not enough shelves in the cabinet, you can buy several hanging fabric organizers. They are convenient to put packed clothes in bags. Things breathe, and the wardrobe looks neat.

To save space, packed clothes can be folded into a suitcase. But in this case, a couple of times during the season, it will need to be opened and ventilated.

If there are not enough closed cabinets, but there are still a lot of things, use open shelves. Buy beautiful boxes with lids, put bags and containers of clothes in them and place them on the shelves of the rack. Also, the boxes can be folded inside a coffee table or placed on top of low cabinets.

6. We remove sports equipment

We have sorted out the clothes, it’s time to take care of sports accessories.

Wash the skates, dry them and put them in a box. It can be put away in the closet or stored under the bed.

You need to remove the fasteners from the snowboard, clean it and put it in a separate box. It is also sent to other boxes.

The board itself must be cleaned of dirt, dried and covered with paraffin. We recommend that you do this in a special workshop. It is best to store it horizontally in a dry and dark place. A great option: on the closet, on a special shelf or under the bed.

It is not recommended to hang a snowboard. The exception is special fasteners that allow you to fix it in a horizontal position.

Wooden skis, on the contrary, are stored in an upright position. Cover them with paraffin, dry them, and put them in the far corner of the cabinet. Plastic skis are less whimsical. It is enough to clean them, put them in a case and put them in any place convenient for you.

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