How to Setup a Crypto Wallet: An Easy Guide

If you don’t have a crypto wallet yet, it’s high time to create one. The app number for the task is increasing every year, and it’s getting difficult to recognize really good ones. They have to be available for both Android and iOS so that you can enjoy the benefits both on an iPhone and another mobile.

It should offer anonymous operations and be secure for your wallet address and card information.

A crypto wallet from is a great example of an easy-to-use, multi-coin wallet that is suitable for beginners. It’s also free and one of the top programs according to the ratings (4.7 on Google Play, 4.4 on AppStore).

How to Set Up a Crypto Wallet App Like Trustee Wallet

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The actual setup of a crypto wallet app is super-easy. Go to Google Play or AppStore, download the application, and open it. Trustee Wallet needs no:

  • Fees (every transaction is free);
  • Verification (so you can stay anonymous).

It’s the best crypto wallet option to store your assets or buy more with a bank card.

To use the app, you will need:

  • The wallet address;
  • The bank card number.

Trustee Wallet works with Visa and MasterCard. It’s secure and easy for transfer. You can see more thoughts from other users in every review of the service.

How to Get Crypto Wallet Address

To use Trustee Wallet and similar online apps, you will need a wallet address. A user gets it with the creation of the wallet. Usually, you’ll need to:

  1. Click on a button like “Wallet” or “Create a Wallet”;
  2. Provide your email;
  3. Think of a difficult password to secure the personal address;
  4. Use it.

It’s easy to create crypto wallet and send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrency. Modern wallets offer not only Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions but other coins as well (Ripple, etc.).

Benefits of a Crypto Wallet

A cool crypto wallet will work out great if:

  • You’re looking for the best way to store assets;
  • You want to learn more about crypto and start trading it;
  • You want to invest in the future.

Cryptocurrency is the money of the future, really. Most people didn’t think Bitcoin would become such a great thing, but nowadays, its price surges and doesn’t see stop signs. Sooner or later, all people will have to get familiar with this sector, and it’s better to do it earlier than necessary.

A secure crypto wallet will store your coins in a place where no one can access them but you. Blockchain technology is unique and offers a completely new way of paying for goods and services. Well-known companies incorporate such payment methods even now.

It’s time to choose a reliable wallet with no hassle, no or low fees, and easy access. The easiest you can make it is using the app from your phone. Secure it with a two-factor authentication, and your money will be in good hands. Then, follow the rates and even make money!