Don’t know how to set up a soft tip dartboard? Relax! You will have the answer from the guide. Besides, you will learn

  • Standard dimensions of a soft tip dartboard
  • Some crucial thing that should know before setting up
  • A step by step guide
  • And more!

So let’s learn how to set up the dartboard.

Dimensions of a common Soft-Tip Dart Board

Following the Soft Tip Dart Association,

  • The soft tip dart measurements are 5 ′8″, 8′, and 9′ 9 ″.
  • The mounting distance is 5′ 8 ″ (1.73m) i.e., it is the same mounting distance as the electronic dartboard.
  • The height from the floor to the center of the soft tip dartboard should be 5 ′8″ (1.73m).
  • 8 ′ (2.44m) is the recommended distance of the throw-line.
  • The diagonal distance is 9′ 9.5 ″ (2.98m).
  • Height to Bull:  5 feet 8inche, Throwing distance:  8feet, Diagonal Bull to Toe Line:  9feet- 9 1/2inche.

Some crucial tips that you should keep in mind While Taking Soft Tip Dart Board Measurements

While taking measurements to ensure that you are measuring the front of the soft tip dartboard. The point is dartboard is usually design with varying levels of thickness. So talking measurement from the wall won’t provide you an accurate result.

Besides, remember that the 8 feet measurement is the distance between the front of the dartboard and the back of the throw-line.

Another important thing is the surface. Try to choose a perfectly plain surface. It will help you take the exact measurement.

How to Set-Up a Soft Tip Dart Board

Soft-tip dartboards are fairly simple to arrange, establish and set up in the normal areas. Even you don’t need a wide space, special room, or long walls to set the soft tip dartboard up. You will need a dartboard that is made from missile, plastic, scale, and nails so you can set up the dartboard properly. 

However, you will need a suitable place to hang on the dartboard. The place like clubs, bars, and where normally gathers people for parties, and festival carnivals, will be better to hang on the dartboard. Set up in such a place will bring a hell of a lot of fun. Finally, the choice is user-based as it doesn’t cause much time to set up and it is portable and easy to install.

Hanging the Soft Tip Dart Board – an Ultimate Guide

The vital step in the process of dartboard setup is to mount it at an appropriate height on a wall. Especially you can choose the height depending on available space to play these games which makes it unique from others.

Following the step by step process will help you install the soft tip dartboard accurately

Use a U-Shaped Metal Bracket for Mounting: you should fix the dartboard directly to the stud so it can get maximum support. If you are planning to mount the board to drywall, then you will need to use heavy-duty anchors to support the weight of the board.

The tools and parts are needed: you will require some essential fear like a tape measure, stabilizer screws, screwdriver, a pencil, mounting screws, mounting brackets, bracket mounting screws, and mounting feet to ensure a perfect set up.

  • Firstly take the measurements of the height of the wall. Then mark the exact point where you will set the dartboard up. Make sure that the height is maintained between the lower part of the u-shaped channel and the floor.
  • Then apply the mounting feet to the rear of the soft tip dartboard. At the same time, ensure the spacing around the perimeter by using the Stabilizer Screws.
  • Drive the mounting screw into the pre-drilled mid hole so you can find the space to hang the soft tip dartboard onto the mounting bracket.
  • Then apply two Bracket Mounting Screws point the Mounting Bracket to the dartboard wall.
  • Finally, put the dartboard onto the mounting bracket and attach it well. Don’t forget to double-check the tightness against the wall. If you find it shaking, then remove the dartboard and again tighten it.

Final words

So, how to set up a soft tip dartboard? Now you have the easiest answer with full instruction. Make sure that you have taken all the measurements carefully to establish the whole setup perfectly. So let boost your hand-eye coordination and relief some stress to make the minds fresh.

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