How to Save TV Aerial and Burglar Alarm from Water Leakage

How to Save TV Aerial and Burglar Alarm from Water Leakage

The usual and common problem I have seen in my tv aerial and burglar alarm journey is people are facing the issue of the water leakage damage with tv aerials and burglar alarms. The leakage can be possible during burglar alarm installation and tv aerial installation, or the cables or wires we are using for the installation. The other reason in installation you have to use lots of tools and equipment, those can hurt your cables and can cause the water leakage. In this blog I will guide you how you can save and prevent your tv aerial installation and burglar alarm from water leakage.

Before go in depth you have to familiar with the basics of Burglar alarms and tv aerials. In this you should know where you can get the best services, which agencies are offering reliable burglar alarms and tv aerials. What kind of cables are specific for the installation and so on.

1. Avoid Extra and Complex Joints

Well, I know that a lot of extra seals are needed on these connections when installing burglar alarms and television aerials. In some places, the connection can be made without additional connection, but you should still avoid the additional joints. You should hire a professional for installation as they know how to use the extra gaskets as low as possible. It will reduce costs and simplify the connection. It will also help to maintain the connection of the TV aerial and the alarm, as it is not easy with additional joints and complex connections.

2. Use Water Resistant Cables

There are many types of cables available on the market. There is a great myth among people that all the cable can be used for the installation of the alarm and the installation of the television aerial, but this is not true. Especially when opting for outdoor installation. So the fact is that some cables are specially designed for a special purpose. The installation of the TV aerial is made with different cables and the alarms are made with different cables. There are also sub-categories of cables that can be used for the special type of installation. But still I will recommend you to take consultation from the expert. In this tell him or her about the requirements and he will tell you what type of cables will be good for your burglar and tv aerial connection. Of course the cables for both will be different.

3. Use Waterproof Connections and Plugs

He hired a professional and uses waterproof cables avoiding the use of extra gaskets. What do you think is enough? No it is not. Plugs and connections are also important components of the TV aerial and alarm connections. Therefore, be sure to use the waterproof plugs and connections for connecting the alarm and television aerial. One important thing is that you cannot easily find the leak point in the plugs and connections, so make sure they are waterproof.


These are the major and pro tips for making your tv aerial and burglar alarm connection leakage free. Let’s take a recap. First of you all you need to make sure you are not using the old cables, or the poor quality cables. You have to make sure the cables you are using are water proof. The next is avoid from extra joints. For this you need to hire the expert person who know how to stable the connection without using extra joints. The last but not the least, use waterproof plugs and joints for the reliable connection.