What are private keys and public keys and how to safeguard your crypto wallet?

The crypto exchanges or traditional currencies wallets are the main ways by which your digital currencies can be exposed to threats. Instead of storing the digital coins, a crypto wallet is responsible for holding a private key using which you trade with the cryptocurrencies successfully. Your identity in the crypto market depends on the private key and it will be possible for any person to steal the coins by getting hold of this key. 

Advanced strategies are used by cybercriminals for stealing or transferring crypto assets or compromising digital wallets sans the knowledge of the user. It will be possible to safeguard digital currencies by protecting the crypto wallets effectively.

What exactly are public keys and private keys?

These keys happen to be an essential component of most of the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin definitely falls into the list. It will be possible to send and receive cryptocurrency with their help and, for this you don’t need any third party for verifying the transactions. Being a part of the PKC (public-key cryptography) framework, these keys can be used for sending cryptocurrency to virtually any person at any time from any location. Even though it will not be a bad idea to share the public keys for receiving transactions, you need to maintain the privacy of the private keys. 

How to keep your wallet out of danger? 

1. Using a cold wallet

Cold wallets, as compared to hot wallets, are not vulnerable to cyber threats since they don’t connect to the Internet. It will be a sensible idea to the private keys in the cold wallet since they are actually encrypted. 

2. Using a secure Internet

It will be advisable for you to stay away from public Wi-Fi networks and make use of a stable and secure Internet connection while making crypto transactions. Make use of a VPN for additional security even while logging onto your home network. A VPN maintains the safety of your browsing activitiesand keep it safe from threats by modifying your location and IP address. 

3. Maintain a number of wallets

It will be feasible to create multiple wallets since the number of wallet creations is not limited. You may keep the rest of your transactions in a different wallet while keeping your daily transactions in the other. In this way, you will be able to safeguard your portfolio in the best possible way.

4. Verify your accounts regularly 

You will be able to organize your accounts properly and also catch any doubtful activity by checking your crypto wallet on a regular basis. As compared to your physical wallet, you will not be able to carry the digital wallets and the crypto wallets in your pocket, so you will be able to find out that your physical wallet is missing in the event of any theft. We should be careful about our digital wallettoo. 

Moreover, it is known to everybody what to do when a physical wallet is absconding. For example, he will put a hold on the debit cards and the credit cards, retrace his steps, sign up for a fresh driver’s license, and so forth. 

5. Change password on a regular basis

Everybody knows the significance of passwords when it comes to security. It has been revealed that most adolescents in the US are in the habit of using identical passwords on more than 10 apps, gadgets, as well as on their social media accounts. The password used by you ought to be complicated and strong which somebody will find tough to guess, and it should also be changed from time to time. Make it a definite habit to use different passwords for different wallets to get the best results.

6. Make your personal gadget secure

Every single day new viruses and malware are being introduced on the web, and it will be vital for you to keep your personal gadget updated with the most recent virus definitions. Make use of powerful anti-virus software as well as a firewall to prevent hackers from taking advantage of your vulnerability. 

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