How To Report Someone On Discord- Everything Revealed

If you always wanted a safe app through which you would be able to connect to different people then discord is the one. Here you would be able to chat with different people through voice calling, texting and you can also send voice text through this app. This app is specially designed so that players can interact with each other while playing games online. How amazing this app sounds? This app definitely sounds so interesting but everyone added to your discord contacts would not be a good person. Facing issues with some people in the discord platform is so common nowadays but reposting that account would be the best solution.

This is very easy to report someone on the discord platform but you have to see certain steps for that. This is an open platform so you never know when you come across what type of people. Even if you would try then also it would be impossible to be selective about the additions of people in your discord account. As you know, discord is quite a popular app so no one really wants to stop using it so the only solution here is to report. If you would successfully repost the person who is bothering you then that person would not be able to bother you again. This process is very easy and you don’t even have to take a lot of steps for reporting someone on discord. Here we would know about how to report someone on discord:

Why do you want to report someone? Check the guideline first:

There needs to be the reason behind reporting that person on discord and if your reason would not match the guideline violation then reporting would not help. You should always read about the guideline of the app so that you could know about the points upon which you can report an account. If someone would send you inappropriate messages while violating religion and abusing you then you have a strong point to report that account. You can also report someone if that person is spreading cruel pictures and spreading hate. Someone who is around nude pictures can also get reported.

If you would know about the guideline properly then things would become very easy for you. Here you would be able to decide whether a person really needs to be reported or not. If anyone would break the rule can be reported and then appropriate actions would be taken against that person. This process would not even be very long as right after you would report; the backend team of the app would review the request and take steps. This would solve a lot of your problems for sure and you would be able to enjoy your time while chatting through discord.

Find ID codes:

Things happen here via codes so you can just turn the developer mode to get the ID code of that person you want to block. This is a bit tricky but at the same time, this single step is very important to report someone. You will get the ID code once you would click on the gear button. Without getting the ID code you would not be able to report anyone in discord so you have to do this small step. Once you get the ID code then you just have to copy it so that you can mention it while you would report that person. Your half work would be done after you would get the ID code.

The last step here is to send the report to the support team:

This is the most important and the last step of the whole process of reporting someone on discord. Here you just have to send that report so that further steps could be taken against that account. Your entire work would depend on this small step so you have to be very particular about it. Here you can attach the screenshots of the conversation that you thought was inappropriate. This step would make the reporting very strong and that person would get banned from your account forever which is a great thing.

You should always put your message first so when it comes to elaboration, you have to be very clear with your point. After you are done with the entire process then you can just submit the report and wait for it to get reviewed. Once your issue would be reviewed then right after that moment you would see the result. Usually, the reported person gets banned from your account which is amazing.