How to Remove car Decals without Damaging the Surface

How to Remove car Decals without Damaging the Surface

Car decals or car window decals can boost the looks and personality of your car. However, if you end up doing too much, it can look bad too. Installing too many stickers or keeping the old ones still on may only help to spoil your vehicle. If you find them excess or old, you should remove the car decals and think of installing new ones.

Many people do not attempt removal of car decals as they think the process is arduous and with a chance to damage the car and paintwork. Here we will discuss some handy tips that will help you get rid of the car decals safely and easily.

What are car decals?

Before planning for installing or removing car decals, it is ideal to know what they are made of and what purpose they serve. Card decals are custom-made vinyl decals that can stick to smooth surfaces. Installation of vinyl decals is so easy that you can peel off the backside paper and fix the decal onto place with the adhesive’s help behind it.

However, when it comes to removal decals, you need to be extra careful about it. To start with, you may try to pry out the graphics, for which you have to apply some pressure. Once you get the side out of the sticker, it becomes much easier to pull out the rest of the parts slowly. You may also apply some heat from the source like a heat pump or a hairdryer, which will help you get a lift on the sticker edge.  You need to not worry about the car paintwork while removing decals for cars, as usually auto paintwork is done too sturdy to stick strongly to the surface. Unless you try to scratch it with some sharp material, your paint will remain intact to remove the decal.

If simple prying out is not working, you may try to get dental floss to enter it between the vehicle’s surface and the decal to get it to bubble up. Once you get the sticker off fully, you may notice that some adhesives reside stuck over to the surface, which you have to remove. You can use mild soapy water or any mild solvents like waste time’ to get rid of the adhesive. You may apply a little liquid onto the rag and wipe off the residue. Ensure that you get a clean and smooth surface after the removal of the sticker and the residue.

Removing window decals

If the window decal is not stuck on to the surface for too long, it is so easy to peel it off. However, those who were left in place for long may need some light warm water to wet the decal first, and you may use a scraper or razor to get the side of the decal off the window. If water is not working for this purpose, you may try some vinegar or residue removal solvents. Continue moisture on the surface as you progress and until you get the decal scraped off completely.