Why and How to Recycle your Mattress

Recycling plastic and paper is a common practice. However, many other items are recyclable even if it does not seem plausible. One good example is the mattress you sleep on. Not many people think of recycling it, as it is one item that is used for a long period in our households. 

The mattresses on our beds are designed to be strong and durable. Their longevity allows using them for years. When it is time to upgrade, however, it is a difficult job to dispose of the mattress. It is large so you cannot remove it without help and may seem impossible to recycle or repurpose. So, in most cases, it keeps lying in the attic or basement of a home, gathering a lot of dust. Some people also hire Junk Removal Fairfield to get rid of this issue. 

In the following article, we will discuss why you should recycle mattresses and how you can do it.

Why Recycle Mattresses?

You may find the easiest way to get rid of your old mattress to send it away to the landfill. While this will seemingly resolve your removal problem, it will cause a lot of damage eventually. Just as many other items disposed of at landfills, mattresses will also take years and years to decompose. Your mattress alone will take a lot of space in the landfill while others will keep coming in. The large heavy-duty frames of the mattresses can also cause damage to the equipment used at landfills. Some parts may contain chemicals or toxins, which can seep into the soil and groundwater. In turn, it will harmfully affect both humans and animals. 

On the other hand, if you decide to recycle the mattress, you can prevent creating such problems and play your role in saving the environment.

What is Recycling a Mattress?

To recycle a mattress, you need to deconstruct it. Upon deconstruction, it has various parts, which are usable for other purposes. 

The metal spring and coils are convertible to new items after melting. Meanwhile, the foam can be turned into carpet padding, cushion filling, or a fuel source, after shredding. Similarly, the fibres are used for insulation, filters, or fuel source. The fabric of the mattress is also usable for making other items common in a household. As for the wood parts, these can be burnt for fuel or chipped for mulch. 

Where to Send your Mattress for Recycling?

You will be surprised to know that there are more than 50 mattress-recycling facilities available in North America. If you run an online search for your area, you will come up with several options. Many of these recycling centres collaborate with mattress manufacturers. If you are upgrading to a buy a new mattress, check if your brand has such a partnership. On the other hand, many centres allow direct drop-offs.

Options Other than Recycling

Nowadays, it is not that difficult to find a recycling centre locally. However, in case you do live in an area where you cannot find a nearby facility, then there are other options to try. Instead of simply sending away the mattress to the landfill, try reselling, donating, or repurposing it.

If your mattress is in good condition, you can spend a little amount of money on it and then resell it. Get it washed properly and perhaps, arrange for a new mattress cover if you can. These days, you can put your belongings for selling on online platforms such as the Facebook Marketplace. You need to take some good pictures and provide honest information. This way you will end up making some money if not a significant amount. 

Similarly, you can also donate the mattress. If you know someone in need, homeless people, or a charity organisation that accepts such donations, then do consider this option. 

Lastly, you can repurpose the mattress by breaking it down yourself. You can sell the wood and metal parts for scrap. The foam, padding, and fabric are usable for throw pillows, cushion covers, cushion filling, pet beds, etc. You can search for similar DIY projects online. Some recycling centres that do not accept entire mattresses can accept the components. However, be careful when deconstructing the mattress on your own. If you do not have the right tools or the skill, then do not risk your safety. 

In case it’s not at all usable or cannot be recycled, the best option would be to hire 3 Kings Hauling and Morea renowned junk removal company. They will take mattress from your home and dispose of it in a proper way.

The bottom line is that the landfill does not have to be the only final destination for your old and used mattress. With a little research and effort, you can be socially responsible when managing mattress disposal.