How to protect Your Stash From Becoming Old And Moldy

Spotting mold on cheese or bread is pretty easy, but when it comes to weed the situation is a little bit different. Many seasonal and even experienced consumers find it tricky to recognize old and moldy stash which can cause an unpleasant experience and health issues. 

Moldy cannabis has a light grayish-brown covering on the buds, together with micro-black dots. Not just the look, but the stash smell can be weird, something like sweat or urine which indicates mold and low quality. To prevent such situations and protect your weed from becoming old and moldy, the storage process plays a vital role in it. Read on to find useful tips on how to properly keep your stash and prevent it from becoming moldy.

Proper stash storage is a must

Properly storing your stash means keeping it in good condition and preventing mold, moisture, and physical damage. There are many different ways of weed storage and different items you can use for it. The most basic storage idea could be a glass jar or food container. Storing your weed in such items will be helpful for airflow and mold protection, keeping the bud fresh for a longer time.

Another way to protect your stash from becoming moldy is to use a weed storage box. This box is a more organized way of storing your weed, ideal for maintaining its freshness, taste, and humidity. Such weed boxes come with glass jars in different sizes to prevent airflow, moisture, and mold from destroying the quality of your pot. Use these items to store your stash more safely because the glass jars are typically UV-resistant as well.

Choose a dark and dry place

To keep your stash fresh and maintain its quality, you have to store it in a dark place in your home. Direct sunlight is disastrous for your stash so always try to store your weed in a dark and dry place, probably in your drawer or closet, to prevent exposing it to sunlight and getting the container too hot. 

Take care of the temperature

The temperature is an important factor you should consider to prevent your weed from growing mold. If your stash is exposed to high temperatures, it can dry out inside your storage item because of the evaporation which can lead to increased moisture and poor quality. Also, freezing your weed or storing it in a fridge can help the moisture easily transform into a mold and destroy the buds forever. To prevent such bad experiences, keep your weed at an ideal temperature of 77°F (or 25°C) and away from your heater or the window. 

Always clean the storage

Cleaning your weed storage before storing your stash is a must, no matter if you use glass jars, weed boxes, or any containers. Any storage item may contain dust, dirt, or moisture which can damage your stash and directly affect your health as well. Always try to clean the weed storage container if you want to prevent such bad scenarios and maintain the stash lifespan. You can also sterilize the weed storage environment for additional protection from any mold triggers.

Balance the humidity 

Higher humidity in the storage container can be fatal for your stash when it comes to mold and moisture. Increased humidity means an increased risk of transforming the moisture into a mold, so always try to keep the humidity level around 60%. To make sure it’s all properly maintained, you can put a humidity pack inside your weed storage which contains salt and water ideal for humidity balance in a case of evaporation. Such humidity packs come in different sizes and they are active for a couple of months.

Final thoughts

Protecting a stash from becoming old and moldy can be tricky even for experienced consumers. To protect your weed effectively, first, you have to learn how to recognize the weed mold by its look and smell. One of the most important things that play the main role in the mold protection game is the proper stash storage. 

Storing your buds properly means protecting them from unregulated airflow, mold, and moisture which are responsible for bud damage and decreased quality. You have to choose different weed storage items, like weed boxes, glass jars, or containers, and keep them in dark, dry, and cool places. Also, keep in mind that these weed storage containers need to be clean and sterilized to protect your stash from dirt and your health too. Real consumers know that life is too short for toking up on bad pot, so always take care of your weed and enjoy your consumption to the fullest.