How To Prepare For Your First Backpacking Adventure

Going on an outdoor adventure is always super exciting, but there is so much more to backpacking and hiking than just being in the great outdoors. It takes preparation to do so. It is not as easy as it may seem. 

To many it might just seem like a walk through the woods, but everyone at knows it is not. Hiking and backpacking means you need to be prepared for anything, at any time. 

This means preparing, and preparing yourself for every possible scenario that could surprise you. 

So, what does this entail? And, how do you prepare yourself for your first outdoor, backpacking adventure. 

Stick around, and we will guide you on how to guide yourself into the unknown! 

Know Where You Are Going

The first thing you need to do is prepare yourself by knowing where you are going. The following tips will generally have you covered for wherever you go, but remember it is up to you to understand the kind of environment you will face. 

Everywhere is different so consider the climate, the terrain, the wildlife, and more. Think about whether the area you are going backpacking is usually warm, or cool, think about the weather, and consider if it is flat, rocky, and so on. 

An area that may have many cliffs and steep drops might warrant you to take a rock climbing course, or consider taking a pick with you, so you are prepared for the worst. 

Knowing where you are going and understanding the environment there is half the battle. 

Think About The Weather/ Climate

Of course, our above point ties into this one. Depending on where you are backpacking, you will want to think about the climate, is it hot, or is it cold? Will you need to wrap up warm, or should you prepare for hot weather and dress down? 

Different climates will affect us differently, and you should take appropriate clothing. Some climates are boiling at daytime, but freezing at night, you should be prepared for this. Even if you do not intend to be out in the cold, you should still prepare. 

We will explain why in a moment.

Pack Accordingly

All this means you need to pack your bags accordingly.

Consider Navigation

Navigation, so easy with Google Maps right? Wrong! Not everywhere has a signal, and you need to be prepared if your phone dies, and if you have no signal. Get a compass, or a map of the area to have you covered in the scenario your GPS does not work. 

Learn how a compass works, or go even more hardcore and learn the stars and sun and how you can use this as navigation. It may sound a bit prehistoric to do so, but it can be a lifesaver if you get lost and your GPS is not working. 

Appropriate Clothing

Appropriate clothing is so important, you can’t go backpacking in the same gear you would wear to the mall. It’s just unrealistic. Prepare yourself by knowing what gear to take with you, and then consider the weather. 

Thermal gear might be appropriate, cargo pants, and so on. If you are unsure, check out a sports gear shop and speak to someone there, they will point you in the direction of what you need. 

Water/Food Supplies

Always take enough food and water with you. Power bars, and protein bars can help you if you get stuck in a sticky situation, and we need water to survive, so always take plenty with you. 

It might seem like a burden to take it if you think you won’t need it, but if something happens, you will be glad you did. 

Survival Gear… Just In Case

Taking a knife, or a mini tool kit, some flint and steel, and so on can seem a bit useless, but you never know what might happen, and taking some survival gear can be very useful. 

Taking some waterproofs in case you run out of water can serve as a way to catch rainwater to drink if you get stuck! 

First Aid Kit

Always take a first aid kit with you including the basics, band-aids, antiseptics, painkillers, bug spray and such. 

If someone gets hurt, first aid can be the difference between a severe infection and ‘just a scratch’.

Plan Your Route & Always Expect The Unexpected

Know where you are going, always plan your route before you head off, and even though you have planned, expect the unexpected to happen. We cannot control the environment around us when we go backpacking. 

Preparation is half planning for where you go and half planning for the unexpected!