How To Memorize Quickly?

Being able to remember things is a fundamental aspect in the most disparate fields of a person’s life; the question, therefore, is: how to quickly memorize everything we need? Let’s see it in today’s article.

Whether you need to memorize notions for an exam or a question or remember your presentation perfectly and make a good impression, or immediately store information that you can’t write down anywhere, the point is to have the ability to memorize many things quickly!

Our brains are programmed to hold tones of information. So, there will never come a time when it will be saturated and, in order to remember the names of all the muscles of the human body, you will have to choose to forget the text of the cartoons you watched as a child. Granted this great truth, how to quickly memorize all kinds of information? Let’s see it together in the next paragraphs!

What To Memorize First!

Experience has taught me that part of the anxiety that one feels at the idea of ​​having to memorize so many things arise from a wrong perception of what it is really necessary to memorize. In fact, I bet that, when you have to prepare for an exam, you tend to believe that you have to remember EVERYTHING to be able to get a good grade, is that true or not? Here, this is a fundamental mistake that makes you work much harder than necessary! This mistake might also be relevant when it comes to writing an essay. Sometimes, it’s just way much easier to delegate a task to an essay writing service and save yourself some time.

Find Out If You Understand The Concept

Therefore, the first thing to do, when you think you have to memorize a large amount of information, is to check that you understand what you are studying. Because if you have internalized the concept, then exposing it will not be a problem!

The first positive sign is being able to repeat it in your own words. If you can explain it without being too attached to the text you have studied, you can be sure that you understand what you are talking about.

Now That You Know The Subject You Understand How To Recall It

At this point, the information you have already acquired during the simple understanding in the study phase. What needs to be memorized now are those keywords and data that you will need to rearrange and recall the information you have already absorbed.

All the things you learn are in your brain already, if you keep them tidy you will be able to recall them whenever you need them! This is what memory techniques are for: to help you tidy up your head in order to be able to categorize information and retrieve it quickly whenever you need it.

Memory Techniques

There are many, some more structured than others that refer to different needs (such as storing numbers or databases) but you always have to start from the base, which is …the PAV Technique.

PAV stands for paradox, action, and vivid and is the mechanism behind every other memory technique. Today it is also called by other names, such as link method or tag method, but it is always about it. This rather fun technique helps you memorize through images (the most effective method ever!) Basically, consists of creating a mental film through which to remember the concepts.

You have to imagine absurd skits, in which you make something obvious happen, adding vivid details such as sounds and smells. If you use all these features to “shoot your own mental film” you will hardly forget it.

It is clear that, like any technique, you have to commit yourself and practice to make it automatic, the exercise must be taken into account. But after getting carried away, you just need to periodically review the skits you have created, and you will never forget anything.

The reviews, always remember, are essential in order not to make the effort made during the study in vain! Review after a day, after a week, and after a month to consolidate everything, you memorize. Obviously, if you don’t have a month of time, you will have to readjust the review cycle a bit, but the important thing is to do it anyway.

With A Good Study Method, You Can Do This And More

We figured out how to quickly store a lot of information:

  • We need concentration during the study to be sure we understand everything we learn.
  • Then we must carefully evaluate, on the basis of the information we have collected, which are the keywords we need to recall the aforementioned information.
  • At this point, we use PAV the basic technique that helps us to connect keywords with information allowing us to create indelible images in our memory.