How to Make Video Smaller Efficiently

How we can make video smaller for fast and easy share and storage? This is a frequently asked question because the following circumstances are quite annoying: you want to upload video to social media sites, but because of the large video size you wait too long during the course and at last the uploading error prompts up; you have shot many stunning videos but only to find that the device is almost run out of storage place; you try to email a special video to your friend but its size is beyond the maximum size limitation. 

During this period of time we’ve tried to find an efficient video compressor as our users requested. Finally WinX Video Converter stand out for its powerful functions and excellent compressing performance. 

WinX Video Converter: make video smaller at no.1 fast speed

After testing we found out several features of WinX Video Converter. Check the following and see what highlights this video processing tool:

  • 90% video quality reserved. It can convert and compress video with almost no quality loss visually.
  • Process videos 47X real-time faster. Thanks to its level-3 hardware acceleration.
  • Shrink video size by over 90%. Smaller video size makes it easy to upload, share and storage.
  • Hundreds of formats for every need. It has 370+ inputs and 420+ outputs.
  • Not only about compressing and converting video. Users can crop, trim, merge and add subtitles, etc. in the edit function.

How to make video smaller efficiently 

WinX Video Converter is user-friendly and it’s easy to use even if you have no experience. Follow simple steps and downsize you video:

  1. Download and install WinX Video Converter. Launch the program and click on the Video to load your file. Of course you can just simply drag the file to the interface.
C:\Users\PC\Documents\Tencent Files\2232692250\FileRecv\MobileFile\Image\28MFQYIIGJBP{2N5QFNDX`Q.png
  1. The Output Profile window prompts up and you can choose a format as you want. Pay attention to the different codecs. More advanced codecs will compress video more efficiently.
C:\Users\PC\Documents\Tencent Files\2232692250\FileRecv\MobileFile\Image\C98LAHSAZXRP51X46~}%9KC.png
  1. Click the Setting button and adjust video parameters. Here we recommend you not to change the frame rate easily, for the playback may not be so smooth after change. Also, just lower the bit rate to an appropriate scale. Changing the resolution reasonably is a nice choice.
C:\Users\PC\Documents\Tencent Files\2232692250\FileRecv\MobileFile\Image\B(`}ER6N[0A)T5U5H6K00)G.png
  1. If you want do more to make sure the video is small enough, you can click the Edit button to crop and trim the video. Then click RUN to start process.


Too large video file size is truly disturbing when you try to email, save, share and upload it. However, there is something we can do to solve these problems. As for how to compress video, WinX Video Converter is recommended, because it makes video smaller high-efficiently, and, at the same time, video quality is reserved.

Bonus Tip

Here are some information of different platforms’ limitation towards video length and file size when you upload videos.

Intagram: 3-60 seconds, Max:4GB

YouTube: by default: 15 minutes (Increasing limit is allowed. Max: 12 hours), Max: 128GB

TikTok: Max: 60 seconds, 287.6 MB for iOS, 72 MB on Android, 500 MB for ads

Facebook: Max: 120 minutes, Max: 4 GB

Twitter: Max: 2 minutes and 20 seconds, Max: 512 MB