Betting on sports is a form of gambling entertainment, so building a business on it is a risky venture. Trying to increase your capital in this way, you can both make good money and lose a significant amount of money. By the way, you can make profitable bets on sites How not to go into the red when contacting bookmakers, and what strategies to use for betting on sports events? More on this in the article.

The principle of earning in the field of betting

Betting on sports as a way of making money should be approached very responsibly. The betting business is built on steam. The betting company evaluates the probability of the outcome of a sports event (match or game) and determines the coefficient for it. Bettors make money bets on the outcome of the event: loss, win, draw, etc. If the player’s prediction comes true, he gets a profit.

The principle of earning in the betting sphere can be compared to cooperation with a bank. The client makes a deposit at a financial institution at 10% per annum. After 12 months, he withdraws his cash contribution from the account plus he is paid 10% of his amount. In the case of bookmakers, after the end of the match or game, in the event of a win, the player returns the initially invested money and receives an additional percentage on top.

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Game strategies

  • Value betting. This is a bet on an event that has not been properly rated by the bookmakers. Most players deliberately bet on the favorites of the game, assuming that the leader will definitely not make a mistake. Bettors who choose this strategy always have an advantage over their opponents. The coefficient of such bets is high, so the loss of the leader can turn into a big win. For example, by placing a bet on a weak opponent of FC Barcelona, ​​you can win a decent amount.
  • Bookmaking forks. This tactic implies that the player makes several bets on the same event, but on different results and in several bookmakers. With such a schedule, he will remain in the winnings for any result of the sports competition. This is possible due to the fact that bookmakers estimate the probability of the same event differently.
  • Catching up The essence of the tactic is that the size of each subsequent bet increases. Its main goal is to return previously lost money and remain in the black. This strategy can be called win-win, since the player’s savings can run out even before the event he bet on occurs.
  • Corridors. In various bookmakers, the player looks for “corridors” (intermediate results) in totals (bets on the number of goals, points, etc.) and handicaps (bets on victory or loss). If the result of the sports event is in the selected interval, then both bets become winning. If this does not happen, part of the money is lost.

Questions and answers

Bets on sports online and their specifics?

Currently, most players are trying to make money by betting on the Internet. First of all, this is due to the fact that earning money on the Internet is very convenient – you can bet without leaving your home. On the one hand, the ease of finding statistical and analytical information on the Internet gives bettors some advantage, but on the other hand, almost everything that needs to be taken into account is taken into account by bookmakers and included in the coefficients.

Where to place bets?

Decide where exactly you want to bet – in a bookmaker’s office or a sports bookmaker. Bookmakers provide the winning odds in advance, so you can calculate how much money you will get if the bet is successful. Sports, on the contrary, do not provide such information, since the winnings are formed taking into account the total number of all bets made at the time of the start of the sports competition. People who made a successful bet share the prize fund with other winners.

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