How to Make Interactive Content Your Lead Generator?


Content marketing today is one of the mightiest strategies utilized in both b2b and b2c sectors to enhance traffic and conversions. 84% of companies claim that they utilize a content marketing strategy. Furthermore, 88% of marketers believe that interactive content makes them cut through the competition. These impressive numbers are not surprising, however, as interactive is deemed a powerful lead generator.  Why?

  • It indirectly sells your products or services;
  • It offers an entertaining experience;
  • It adds value to your brand.

A company can develop interactive content using its in-house resources or with the help of a professional B2B lead generation service Belkins. In any case, it is crucial to realize the essence of this tool and the ways how exactly it helps to get new business leads.

How Does Interactive Content Help Generate New Business Leads?

To begin with, let’s determine what interactive content actually is. As the name suggests, this type of content evokes user reaction in order to arrange a two-way conversation with the brand. The types of interactive content are countless: games, quizzes, calculators, infographics, assessments, surveys, interactive video, and many more. A powerful tool of customer engagement, interactive content can be leveraged as a lead generator. So, how exactly it helps to bring business leads? 

Grabs attention and starts a conversation

Our whole lifestyle is becoming increasingly digitalized. On the one hand, this transformation offers exciting opportunities. On the other, it influences the overall amount of information our brain is able to consume. According to researches, an average attention span of a typical user reduced from 12 seconds in the early 2000s to 8 seconds today. This means, a brand should engage a person within these 8 seconds until they haven’t lost their concentration. 

This is where interactive content comes into play. It invites a person to communicate in an entertaining and personalized manner, offering certain benefits in return. Would you participate in such a conversation? If yes, then you are among those 80% of users who love tailored interactive experiences. 

This interaction should finish with granting a user with the promised benefit and asking them to share their contact information or other data.

Creates an excellent communication platform for obtaining valuable insights

So, you have started an engaging conversation with your prospect. If you manage to make them really interested, you can proceed with identifying deeper insights into their wants and needs. Which challenges and objectives do they have? What do they love and fear? What are their hobbies? These and many other questions may help you figure out how your brand can provide real help or remedy to your customers.

Aids in appointment setting

In fact, an appointment setting implies much more than merely a phone call to a potential client. It is a comprehensive process that can require a whole dedicated team. As a rule, B2B appointment setting is the closing step in the lead generation process. When fulfilled by a qualified B2B lead generation company, the appointment setting procedure is aimed to increase the likelihood of closing the deal by delivering only high-quality leads to your sales reps.

How does interactive content help here? By naturally engaging the targets, you will make your audience more eager to respond.

However, you should ensure that all your interactive activities have an adequate follow-up. Your carefully developed email sequences must arrive in the recipient’s inbox, otherwise, your efforts will be useless. Belkins’ offers superior software for email deliverability, such as an email checker, to deliver your messages safely to the destination point.

Types of Interactive Content Used by B2B Lead Generation Services

The following interactive content types have proven their efficiency in generating business leads.

Benchmark survey


This kind of survey is basically like a regular quiz, but it allows getting valuable information and insights about your customers. 

It is favorable for both businesses and their clients. The more precious prize you offer, the more likely your audience will be to share their personal information. 

What can you offer your customers?

  • Free chapters from the eBook you want them to purchase;
  • An estimate of how they are performing in their industry sector;
  • Suggestions on how they can enhance their performance;
  • Tips or checklists relevant to their activities.

What can you get in return? Valuable information about:

  • Customer purchasing habits and needs;
  • Customer pain points and the solutions they need;
  • Customer likelihood to convert and the ways to nurture them.

Social Media chatbot


Although chatbots are already not a breakthrough technology, their popularity rises with the increased customer needs and the advancements of artificial intelligence. By using chatbots, you can save on the support team and better cater to your client’s requests.

What does an SM chatbot do?

  • Automates an SM customer service;
  • Provides immediate responses 24×7;
  • AI-powered chatbots with natural language understanding create even more engaging experiences.


Sales Development ROI Calculator


A calculator or configurator is an indispensable tool for a b2b lead generation company, especially if it offers complex solutions. It helps customers better understand your services, adjust them according to their needs, and assess the potential outcome. 

Such transparency urges a customer to continue a conversation. A business owner, in turn, can use the received insights for up-selling, cross-selling, or further marketing campaigns.

Interactive infographic

Another capable tool for b2b lead generation. Even a static infographic is better to consume than plain text. However, if you have an information-dense asset, such as a whitepaper, you can present it as an interactive infographic for even more engaging customer experiences.

The tool provides the pleasure of visual learning and gives the flexibility of exploring information in detail.  

Your readers can view what they want, enjoying complete control over the data they consume.

At the same time, you can track your readers’ behavior to get insights into their interests and concerns. A perfect way to nurture your prospects with tailored content, isn’t it?

Interactive eBook


This type is similar to the previous one; it just has a different format and a larger volume. 

In the b2b sector, we sometimes can’t avoid sharing complex information. How to make it simpler to digest and more engaging? By adding interactivity!

Then, a typical blend of visuals and text turns into an interesting journey with complete readers’ control over what they want to learn or skip.

What’s more, a tracking feature can transform the eBook into a two-way conversation, which can again provide you insights into your audience’s wants and needs.

Wrapping up

Undoubtedly, interactive content has enough power to boost b2b online lead generation. Most importantly, it does the job naturally, entertains your audience, and adds value to your brand. The tool is on the surge since it employs a customer-centric approach, without direct sales or conventional advertising. It delivers value and accompanies users in their lifestyle.

There are multiple kinds of interactive content, and you are only limited by your creativity to implement them efficiently or try new ones.

To master the tool quickly and maximize your benefits from it, you can cooperate with a trusted b2b lead generation company that brings the most advanced solutions to your service. Dedicated professionals will develop a comprehensive strategy aimed to competently drive your prospects throughout all the stages of the sales funnel and skyrocket your business as an outcome.