How to Make ASMR Videos for YouTube That Everyone Will Like

YouTube users watch ASMR videos due to their many benefits. For some, ASMR help reduce anxiety and stress. For some, they give satisfying sensations. Creating great ASMR videos for YouTube is to please millions of ASMR viewer base.

For this, we need to follow the best practices using the right tools. This article guides you on how to make ASMR YouTube videos that everyone will like. Expect true insights from successful ASMRists here! 

Key takeaways

  • Try popular and in-demand ASMR categories and trends to win more viewers.
  • Film in HD, 4K, or higher cameras to produce high-quality videos. 
  • Use the best-recommended microphones like Blue Yeti. Experimenting with the source and room is the key to figuring out the best audio outputs. 
  • Edit videos with professional applications, instead of online editing tools. 
  • Follow tips and hacks from the experts when filming, recording, and editing, while also being creative and consistent. 

Popular ASMR ideas for YouTube 

Choosing the most popular ASMR triggers is a sure way to win many viewers. Here are 3 ASMR types loved by millions of YouTube users:

  • Sounds – Gentle whispering can lead ASMR fans to a calm sleep. Also, they will watch tapping nails on different surfaces and crinkling papers to relax. Writing, turning pages, scratching, and vibrating sounds as in razors are also great triggers. 

Choose the niche you are most passionate about from the above types. Because when you love what you do, it’s easy to attract audiences that love the same. 

“Successful people I’ve seen there are extremely passionate about their own niche. They believe in their ideas. Somehow or someway, fame and money come to them.” 

Owner of Gentle Whispering ASMR

Now let’s dig into the technical side of how to make great and brain-tingling ASMR videos for YouTube

What is the best camera to film ASMR videos? 

We can use any type of camera to film ASMR videos for YouTube. But the better your camera quality is, the better your video gets. 

Start with your smartphone if it enables HD or 4K video recording. The next good option is to use a GoPro camera because you can use the camera to film any type of video, both indoors and outdoors. 

The SONY ZV-1 camera is another highly recommended camera for YouTubers. Watch this video on how the edafoxx YouTube channel tested the audio and video quality of SONY ZV-1 in her ASMR video.

Canon EOS cameras are another great option for ASMR filming. Their crystal-clear footage with good audio recording quality can truly add value to ASMR. 

What are the best microphones to record ASMR videos? 

Having quality and clear audio will surely attract big audiences for ASMR. If you wondered ‘what is the best microphone for ASMR’, well there are many. 

Maria, who has 2.2 million subscribers to her Gentle Whispering ASMR YouTube channel advises about the microphones she used: 

  • Blue Yeti Pro – Enables stereo and surround sound recording 
  • Rode NT5 – Ideal to capture sound from the front directly 
  • Sennheiser MK4 – Ideal for surround sound recording and role play ASMR 
  • Blue Spark – Can capture sound from front and back mics, has a noise cancellation button 
  • Audio Technica 803 – Great for cooking ASMR and voice-overs, comes with a clip 
  • Sound Professionals Binaural – Two small mics and cheaper in price, good to create 3D sounds 

Once we set up the equipment, we need to produce ASMR videos that win the hearts of everyone. 

Tips on making great ASMR videos 

Filming in a suitable environment will attract viewers to you from first sight. Many people might watch ASMR at night when they need sleep or relaxation. So, make sure your environment gives calming vibes to them. Have soothing and low lights. Remove visual distractions in the background. 

To have quality audio in ASMR videos, you need to assure below key factors:

  • The room – It’s the place you record videos. Microphones might grab a lot of noise during the daytime. So, consider recording at night when the environment gets mostly silent. Also, make sure the room walls do not echo. Place materials like carpets, curtains, clothes, and absorbers to control sound reflections. 
  • The source – This is the sound you project to the microphones. Use a pop filter to avoid plosives coming when pronouncing B, P, and T sounds. Also, do not talk directly to the mic if it takes ‘S’ sounds intense. Make sure breathing sounds are not disturbing the whispering ASMR sounds. 

The best thing is to experiment with your microphones. Try different placements and angles until you identify the best outcome. 

Next, we need to add our creativity to string up the videos and audio. 

How to edit ASMR videos for YouTube 

Your editing software should not lower the audio or video quality by any means. Consider using Adobe PremiereiMovieWondershare Filmora, or DaVinci Resolve

Editing with online applications may reduce the quality of videos. Therefore, install apps like the above to your devices before editing. 

The best video format for YouTube is MP4. Also, choose the standard aspect ratio of 16:9 when editing the ASMR video. For a true ASMR experience, sharpen the audio quality and adjust the lighting in the video. 

While we produce quality videos, there are tips and facts to keep in mind in the long run. 

Tips to make your ASMR videos stand out

Creating catchy thumbnails that reflect the content inside is the right way to attract the right audience. Then, create interesting titles and descriptions. Out of all these, the biggest strategy is to have quality content in your videos. 

The formula of a high-quality ASMR YouTube video will look like this:

ASMR content that people love + High-quality video + high-quality audio 

At the same time, try to incorporate branding into your channel. Make your brand a memorable one when users think of ASMR. 

Creating content that viewers ask for is another way to maintain your popularity. You can also conduct keyword research to identify content demands and gaps. 

Following these simple but powerful practices makes a big impact. Not only viewers will love your videos, but they will keep you ahead of the competition. 


It’s easy to create ASMR YouTube videos that everyone likes. For that, we need to have the right resources and ideas as explained in this guide. Quality video and audio, creativity, and consistency are the secrets to success. 

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Written by MSM Riham

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