How To Keep The Attention Of Visitors To Your Website

It is vital that when visitors come to your website that you can hold their attention for as long as possible, otherwise they will leave, and your bounce rate will increase, which can affect your rankings. There are many ways to grab people’s attention, increase the time they spend on your site, and increase the chances they will make a purchase. Below are some tips to help you with this so you convert more sales through your website and increase engagement with its users.

Give Away Something For Free

We all like free stuff, so offering something for free on your website is an excellent way to keep people engaged. It may only be free advice that you provide that does not cost you anything, but if people think they are getting value from a site, they will spend much longer on it and increase the chances of converting them into a sale. You can offer the freebie when they sign up for your newsletter, so you can also get their contact details and use these for email marketing campaigns that can also be lucrative for your business.

Design Your Website With The User In Mind

You can help increase the amount of time people spend on your website by ensuring you design it with them in mind. A SEO specialist Brisbane or your city trusts will tell you that making your website user-friendly and intuitive to use will help to ensure visitors start navigating around the different parts of your website rather than bouncing straight of it. You will need a responsive design that appears correctly on all platforms and pay attention to it being mobile-friendly.

Over 50% of searches in Australia, for example, are done on a mobile phone or a tablet, which is why Google and other search providers use the mobile version of your site when ranking it. Make sure that your website is visually appealing, and it can also increase the dwell time on your site and reduce the bounce rate.

Include Calls To Action

When you have a website, you will want to include calls to action to solicit the action you want users who visit your site to take. It can be adding their details to a mailing list, filling out a contact form, picking up the telephone, or anything else you want them to do. Having these calls to action in prominent places on your website can encourage users to take the action you want and increase the time they spend on your website.

Include Videos

You may also wish to incorporate video on your website to help grow your site and encourage more users. You will need to ensure that the video is relevant to your users and that it is not too long, putting people off from watching and interacting with it.

Make Sure It Loads Quickly

If your website takes too long to load correctly, people may leave it before everything is displayed, so you will need to ensure that your responsive design loads quickly. Optimising the page loading speed can also help you with your rankings, so you will want to ensure you do it correctly to maximise the benefit for your website.