How to Integrate Gmail with Salesforce?

No matter the size of the business you are running, Gmail offers you an easy way to communicate through emails. It is based on the cloud, which makes it easy to access your account from any place through different types of devices. It offers easy communication channels with your remote teams and customers.

Despite the benefits, one of the main challenges that most salespeople go through is managing emails. The best solution is to integrate your Gmail account with Salesforce to create automatic synchronization processes. Here are the steps to follow:

Importance of integrating Gmail with Salesforce

You use the Salesforce Gmail plugin from Revenue Grid to integrate Gmail to Salesforce and reap a wide array of benefits. The plugin helps you to capture all up-to-date information from your Gmail account to your CRM. The information captured includes sales team tasks, sent/received emails, meetings, and many more. It allows you to manage all your Gmail activities on your CRM.

  • Automatically log Gmail activities on Salesforce: When logging information, each record of meetings, calls, tasks, and emails with each client is entered separately. The team must record every engagement they had with the client on each specific day. Sales teams spend a lot of time logging, which limits their productivity. The integration automatically logs all Gmail activities on Salesforce.
  • Know when a customer is engaging: The right time to engage with a customer is when they are connected with your company online. However, it is hard to know when they engage to take advantage. By integrating Gmail with Salesforce, one of the features you take advantage of is the notification. It notifies you once a prospect clicks on your email or link.
  • Get insights on opportunities: Working with Gmail is tedious when you want to know which leads have better opportunities. Syncing it with Salesforce lets you view key insights that could provide you with important business opportunities.
  • Automatically add new accounts and prospects: When using the manual approach, you have to update your CRM every time you get a new customer email or prospect. Sometimes you might capture the wrong information, which leads to failed communication. Integration helps you to automatically update new information in your Gmail account.
  • Customize your emails: Customers send all types of queries, and they are all at different levels of follow-up. Some are customers already. Others are in the process, while others are yet to decide. It is challenging to keep an updated follow-up with each customer. With integration, you can create customized lists for automatic follow-ups. It is possible to send reminders, product suggestions, push notifications, and much more.

How to integrate Gmail with Salesforce

Integrating Gmail with Salesforce is simple and requires only four steps to complete. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Sign in to Salesforce

Open your Salesforce program and sign in. Check the Setup Icon and click on it to open it.

Step 2: Configure Salesforce to Gmail

Once the Setup Icon opens, check on the upper left-hand corner, and you will find an icon called Quick Find Box. Once you click on it, it will open a dialogue box. Type the words Lighting for Gmail and press Enter. Salesforce will search and display the Lighting for Gmail and Sync box. Click on it and configure the settings depending on the products you want to use.

Step 3: Customize your Salesforce

Check the options indicated as Use Enable Enhanced Email with Gmail and Lightning Sync and click turn on. It ensures all your emails are logged as standard message objects. They are the features that allow you to add new emails and attachments to Salesforce. It has a feature called Einstein Activity that automatically updates all data from Gmail.

Step 4: Customize your content

The final step is for content customization using the Lightning App Builder. It allows you to create customized templates for creating personalized emails. You can use it to add Gmail links, buttons, contacts, and history. The team saves a lot of time that they would have used to manually update data, accounts, and leads.


Integrating your Gmail account with Salesforce provides your organization with a wide array of benefits. It is simple and follows a four-step process to complete. Once complete, your sales teams can automatically log all Gmail activities, including emails, tasks, meetings, and calls. They track emails and receive notifications when a client opens or clicks on a link for appropriate actions.