How to improve video editing skills in 3 days

Learning and improving video editing skills is no rocket science. It requires effort and consistent practice; you can’t just master it in three days . But thankfully, with the right tips and guidance of insider secrets, you will be able to level up your video editing techniques in just a matter of three days.  These could be as basic as you think ‘oh God how basic is this’ and as impactful to make you think ‘holy moly it freaking works.

Take the unfair advantage of YouTube

Observation includes observing other people’s methods.

This could be done by analysing how various scenes in movies (and TV shows) are put together. It’s also via watching the “How to” videos that people post on sites like YouTube. That  is definitely enough to fill a lifetime’s worth of knowledge already up there.

YouTube is one of the best resources. If you type in “How do I frame a shot for video” or “How do I light a subject in a room for video,” you’ll get a lot of results. This sort of thing is what you need to do a lot in 3 days while simultaneously putting it into action by practicing. There is an abundance of videos available from people with varying perspectives on the subject. Some will be excellent, while others will be mediocre. Concentrate on films from actual working film and video cameramen, but there are also a lot of channels from ambitious youngsters, and it’s occasionally fun to study with a group with whom you share interests. Additionally, you can explore online tools to trim videos online for further refinement.

Practice, more than you can practice

This gets us to the second section of the story. You should do your edits on a frequent basis.

Learning to use all of the tools accessible in the programme you have.  You can watch all the tutorial videos you want (and there are a lot of good ones), but nothing beats learning by doing it yourself. In a similar vein, practice editing a variety of video formats, such as short films, documentaries, music videos, social media content, and so on. While many approaches apply to all types of videos, some styles will necessitate a particular set of talents. By editing various sorts of videos, you are simply honing your editing skills.

It’s only an issue of knowing when to employ those strategies once you’ve learned what the software can do. The first step is to shoot and edit, shoot and edit, and then shoot and edit some more! Nothing can ever be a substitute for practice and exploration.

True, you can take classes, listen to recordings, and read a lot of books, but having the opportunity to work is the most important approach to improve your craft. Start modifying along these lines. If you don’t have any assignments to do, experiment with changing irregular/stock film to test new techniques. Not only will your abilities increase, but your invention will continue to flow freely.

Ace the cuts, fades and dissolves

The most basic effects to use are cuts, dissolves, and fades. Knowing when to apply each impact, however, is crucial. Some folks use each impact excessively. For the most part, stick to cuts and learn how to use editing to reflect on your storyboard. Other effects, such as dissolves, should only be used when necessary. Dissolves, for example, can be used to show the flow of time or when editing two shots together are not possible. The use of fades at the start and conclusion is beneficial. Finally, music that complements the movie and narration is beneficial.

Wondershare Filmora- Your best buddy in video editing

To Grace up your skills in just 3 days, you will have to grab software that’s just as fast and equipped as a flash. Without you hopping onto another tool only to get disgruntled at the end, give us a moment to introduce you to Filmora.

Wonderhsare Filmora is incredible software for all your video editing cravings. It has the most tremendous features one could think of in just a fraction of money. Let’s lookout for 4 of its brand new exotic features:

AI portrait

Sometimes, we are stuck in a situation where we can’t remove the background even after using several softwares. But the Filmora 10.4 has integrated Artificial Intelligent technology that has the ability to automatically remove a video’s background. While using the software’s AI portrait filter, you don’t have to put efforts in Greenscreen or Chroma Key effects. Because the exclusive feature of the software can remove the background and highlight the front object in just a few clicks.

We have already agreed with the fact that technology is emerging day by day, but still you’ll barely find these brilliant options in other video editing software. Doesn’t matter whether you are a gamer, educator, and online content creator, these options are beneficial for everyone.

AR stickers

After the launch of Filmora V10.4, the users get a wide range of 40 brilliant AR stickers including animals, accessories, and several popular characters that are very useful to add fun and tickling on the timeline. Once you add the sticker to your timeline, the system automatically detects the human face and applies the effects. You will get a bunch of sticker filters like Bunny, kitty, accessories, etc.

Custom animation title

Apart from the AI stickers and AI portrait filters, the Filmora 10.4 offers an option, which allows them to create custom title/text animations via keyframing. With this feature, a user can quickly and easily create and display an alluring presentation.

Newly added stock media option

Finding a perfect stock media always remains a challenging job for most of us. But if you have Filmora 10.4, then you can effortlessly find and insert ideal media in your video by using the inbuilt stock media option. To spark the ability and save time, the inbuilt stock media option allows users to download, and import thousands of stock media directly from Pixabay, Giphy, and Unsplash. And the best thing is that all this can be done without even fleeing from the screen.

Have a great time and do a lot of fantastic things! Your videos will never be special if you are unwilling to put in the effort or reluctant to try new features of inbuilt softwares. To be honest, there is no “trick” to getting better. All you have to do now is experiment with new effects and see how much you can change them. After that, play with various tools and keep tweaking. The more you edit, the more strategies you’ll learn and the expert you’ll become at recognising what looks alright. It’s just a matter of trial and error at this point. Even though a lot of trial and error is involved.

The last piece of advice I would provide is to believe in yourself and your ability to create amazing things. Because video editing is so subjective, it’s critical not to be discouraged if someone doesn’t like your creativity. It’s art, so everyone is welcome. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, YOU CAN MAKE stunning VIDEOS!


Earlier you said, you can’t master it in three days. But now you aren’t proving your statement wrong.

What do you think?

Written by Joshua White

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