Ever since the invention of the humble e-scooter, there has been a long-standing quest to build faster models. We’ve all wanted to own the fastest scooters we can find and what could be more of a dream come true. Companies never stop upgrading older models or creating new ones entirely. They may also add some nifty special features for which you’d have no idea how much extra speed you might gain with them installed until you try them out yourself!

How to make an electric scooter faster?
The safe way

If you want to make your scooter faster and learn the safe way to do it, there are many options you can adopt. Most of them only require your time and nothing else. They won’t involve any technical modifications that may be a hassle to a layman. They also guarantee that you won’t damage parts or void any warranties.
The not-so-safe way

If you’re dead set on modifying your scooter in order to go faster, make sure you know exactly what you’re up against! Speed limiters are put in place by manufacturers for a good reason. Most of the modifications available allow you to remove these speed limiters. Doing so will expose your scooter’s critical components entirely at your own risk. If that isn’t enough, many upgrades and modifications will add more power to your battery. Again, this can increase capacity but without regard for safety. All of these processes can void your warranty depending on your brand and model of scooter.
Electric scooter hacks:

● Unlock your scooter.
● Charge your battery fully
● Turn off the lights and other unnecessary elements.
● Make it as light as possible
● Make it spick and span
● Remove the speed limiter
● You can upgrade the controller if it is a limiting factor
● Add an extra battery

Thanks to the above tips, you can make your e-scooter go between 3 and 9 mph faster. It’s been bruited that some have even achieved a 15 mph upgrade in speed. WOW. Hats off to them. If you want to learn more, click here to discover other electric scooter hacks.

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