How to Grieve, Cope, and Heal from the Death of a Spouse

Have you heard of the widowhood effect?

The widvowhood effect refers to the fact that widows and widowers have a higher risk of dying when compared to people whose partners are alive. The effect is the strongest during the first 3 months following the death of a partner. It’s believed that grief-related stress could be to blame for increased mortality rates among widows and widowers.

If you’re dealing with the death of a spouse, now’s the time to start investing in yourself. You can’t afford to let another day go by without practicing healthy coping mechanisms. We know it’s hard, but if you’re willing to try, you can have a healthy and even happy life again.

Read on to learn the best ways to deal with the loss of a spouse.

Rebrand Yourself

Let’s start by looking at the healthiest social things to do after death of a spouse. While it may feel impossible, you should begin by creating new social connections.

Of course, it’s great to rely on your current social circle for comfort and support. However, you must branch out to find people who don’t already identify you as a widow or widower. Soon, you’ll be able to build a new identity for yourself. Instead of always being viewed as a widow or widower, you’ll be an individual with a bright future ahead of you.

Good vs Bad Coping Mechanisms

Next, take a moment to assess what coping mechanisms you’re currently relying on. Are you obsessing over the events that led up to your spouse’s death? If you suspect someone else is to blame for the death of your spouse, obsessing over it will do you much more harm than good.

Instead, take a look at your legal options, to see if you can seek justice for your loss. Next, start incorporating self-care coping mechanisms into your daily routine.

Self Care Habits

What type of self-care habits should you start using? It all depends on your personal preferences. For some, reading a book brings them peace. For others, self-care involves doing some type of artistic project, like a painting. Whatever you prefer, be sure to include exercise and healthy eating in your self-care plan.

Exercise Tips

All you need is 30 minutes of exercise each day to make a major impact on your physical and mental health. For a bonus, we suggest finding some type of group exercise activity to help you work through the death of a spouse. If you don’t want to leave your house, look for a virtual exercise meetup.

Moving on After the Death of a Spouse

Now you know a few of the best tips for dealing with the grief that accompanies the death of a spouse. If creating new social connections, or starting an exercise routine seems out of reach, start small.

Pick 1 relaxing self-care activity you can do today. Whether you paint your feelings or read a book you’ve always wanted to, your heart will appreciate the attention. It won’t happen right away, but over time, you will start to feel like yourself again. For more tips like these, explore the rest of this site.