The Valorant developers have tried to equip their brainchild with all the features available in popular games. The creators paid special attention to multiplayer online shooters like CS: GO. Taking over the core of the gameplay from there, the creators of Valorant quickly developed a community. Skins have become a feature of the game. Yes, such functionality is not new for a long time, but the correct styling contributes to an increase in the audience’s desire to act. Newbies often don’t understand how to get skins at Valorant, so they either go online for help or spend money. After reading the article, everyone will be able to answer the most asked question regarding skins – how to get a knife in Valorant.

Why skins are needed

As reported from the site about valorant skins, skins almost everywhere play an exclusively aesthetic role. They overshadow the routine that is created with prolonged performance of the same type of action. Skins also attract new users to Valorant. They psychologically induce the user to take some action, for example, donate. Some variations of item paintwork become collector’s items. Usually, such models are not cheap, due to which they bring income to the owner and create excitement in the in-game market. 

For many players, skins are an opportunity to stand out from the rest. This practice is widespread in the global arena – esports players emphasize their status by the presence of expensive coloring pages. It is impossible not to note the psychological influence of the coloring of objects. They sometimes boost player morale.

How to get free skins in Valorant

The easiest, but resource-intensive way is to purchase the desired skin in the store using in-game funds. In Valorant, buying in-game currency is far from cheap, so this option is often overlooked. Some of the most popular ways to get item skins for free include completing contracts, leveling up your character, and completing combat operations. Note that passes for transactions are also bought for real money. Contracts are executed independently during the game. The rewards for them are small, but the eyes of the gamer will definitely “rejoice”.

Raising the level in the game is a natural process. The reward for such an event, although also small, is pleasant. The user often gets skins for pistols and cheap knives. Another way to get free coloring pages is to participate in distributions held by popular youtubers and streamers. Sometimes on thematic forums, suggestions about the gratuitous return of one or another skin slip through. But we warn you right away – you shouldn’t expect a collectible gun.


Free cheese isn’t always in a mousetrap. This conclusion can be made after reading the article. Yes, sometimes it is easier to buy a skin for money, but not everyone has the appropriate funds for this. There are few ways to get skins for free in Valorant, but most of them are simple and effective.


How to get knife skin in Valorant?

Valorant has a growing number of uniquely designed knife skins. The methods of obtaining knives are different. It depends on the rarity and value of the item in the domestic market. For example, the “Kingdom” knife skin has a low value and is available to everyone (you need to buy the “Act 1” battle pass).

Are there any bugs for getting skins?

At the time of this writing, no bugs were found regarding the “free” receipt of skins. In the first time after the release of the game, such incidents happened, but the developers quickly corrected them. Working bugs quickly pop up on the Internet, but are also instantly fixed.

What items don’t have free skins?

If you take into account the need to buy a Battle Pass, then only skins for pistols are free. The rest is bought either for virtual currency or for donation.

What are the easiest skins to get?

The easiest way to get pistol skins (simple craft, often dropped from cases, low cost, beautiful appearance).

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