How To Get Into DnD Top Tips

So, you have watched enough Stranger Things or Community to pique your interest in DnD? But now you are stuck, unsure of how to actually get into the game or where to start your journey. Not to worry! We are here to help. Here are some tips on how to get into DnD and slay your first dragon in no time.

Get online resources

One of the best things you can do to start is to check out the free online resources. The official DnD basic rules pdf is free to download and gives you all the essential information you need on how to play the game. Make sure to get the DnD 5e books to be up to date with the latest updates within the game.

DnD beyond is another tool with excellent free features that will help you get started. You can use their character creation function to play around with character specs and create your own character to take on your new adventure. 

Get a starter set

Whether you are taking up knitting, learning to bake, or playing DnD, a starter set is the perfect way to get into a new hobby. These come with all the essentials you need for your first game and require minimal setup. 

You will get dice, a rulebook, and some pre-generated characters, all ready for the games to begin. This kit is akin to a board game where everything is ready to go. This takes the stress out of setting it all up and lets you focus on the game itself. 

You can also get an essentials kit. This comes with blank character sheets instead, allowing you to be a little more involved in the setup.

Get familiar online

Before setting out on an epic round-table adventure, you can practice a little online if you are feeling shy or intimidated. Roll20 is a great online platform where you can set up digital campaigns and play online with your friends or complete strangers. 

You should also watch some campaigns online to see how an in-person game will flow and run. There are also podcasts you can listen to familiarize yourself with the world of DnD.

Find a party

This might be the most daunting part for first-time players. If you don’t already have a group of friends who are into DnD, you are going to have to pitch this idea to other newbies or find a local group to join. This sounds scarier than facing a rabid goblin. 

Find out if there is an Adventurer’s League at your local gaming store and join one of their sanctioned events. Experienced DMs will be there to guide new players along the way and ease them into the magical world of DnD. 

Just remember, it’s not only gamers that make good DnD players. Once you get the hang of the game, you should see if you can get some friends on board too. The existing rapport will make your game much more exciting and you guys will love having something new to do together on weekends. 

Create your character

This is a super important step when beginning your DnD journey. Once you have a grip on the rules and the mechanics of the game you can sink your teeth into creating a character. The best characters have some flaws and room to grow. This gives them a reason to go on an adventure and seek out new and thrilling experiences.

Flesh out their backstory and think about who they are, why they are that way, and what has happened to them up until this point. This will make it easier for you to really get into character and think about how they will handle their adventure.

So, dim the lights, put on your cloak, and get ready for endless hours of DnD action now that you are ready to tackle this fantastical world, head-on!