How to get into Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is going to be the most exciting career of the century. Everyone desires to do something related to cyber. The reason behind this is social media. Because no single day passes when we don’t hear of the theft crime happening all over the globe. According to reports and experts, cyber thefts are going to increase tremendously in upcoming years. 

This is the reason why many students, graduates, or even working professionals want to make a career in cybersecurity. So, today let’s know in detail how you can get into cybersecurity. We’ll try to make it 

beginner-friendly. So let’s start with a very basic question:

 What is cybersecurity? 

It is the protection of internet-connected systems such as hardware, software, and mainly data from cyber threats. This practice is usually performed by individuals and organizations to protect against unauthorized access to the data centres and other systems. 

Their main purpose is to find vulnerabilities in the system and software to reduce cyber theft and make it more effective. 

Why is it important? 

We’re living in a digital world where the transmission of data is increasing exponentially. There are many different types of data that we’re providing to several websites and applications. And the majority of them contain some

sensitive and confidential data and because of this privacy of these data becomes more important for users. And this is why the importance of cybersecurity is increasing in our 

daily life. Moreover, the constant rise in cases of cyber theft also points towards the importance of cyber security. Benefits of Cyber Security 

There are lots of benefits of being in this field of cyber security. Let’s have a quick look over some of them: 1) You get exposure to real-world problems while working in such an amazing profession. 

2) Competitive pay-out and the average pay-out is more than other jobs. 

3) Sometimes, you also get the opportunity to work remotely for your organizations. 

4)It is one of the fastest-growing industries and therefore the number of jobs is increasing every year. 5)You become comfortable in using most of the tools that are required to protect and find vulnerabilities. 6)You can see exponential growth in your career and many more things. 

How to get into Cybersecurity? 

Now, I hope you might have a good idea about what cyber security is? And how it can boost your career. But, the problem is that the majority of the people who want to join such organizations don’t know how to join.

Don’t worry! We’ll let you know each and everything you need to know to get into cybersecurity even if you’re a complete beginner. 

There are tons of courses that can help you understand the fundamentals of cyber security and you can get into any of your desired organizations. Many companies consider applicants who don’t even have bachelor’s degrees and consider only based on skillset. But some companies hire only graduates and postgraduates for some of the advanced job profiles. You can start your learning journey with a cyber security boot camp or any similar course. And after becoming familiar with some of the fundamentals and basic applications of cyber security. You can jump into some advanced concepts and enhance your skill more. Moreover, if you are a working professional in another field and you have a strong desire to get into cyber security, then you can also transform your career just by opting for some of the best online available courses and can transform your career. 

Now, it is the time you should know about basic things that must be learned before starting your learning activity in the growing field of cyber security. 

Prerequisite of cyber security 

1)You can learn any of these programming languages such as Java, Python, C, C++, C#, Php, etc.

2)You should have a good knowledge of web application technology so that you can use these web-based applications to implement new things. 

3) It is good if you have a good knowledge of operating systems and networking basics. 

4)Some smart beginners also have a decent knowledge of a few cryptography concepts. 

Although, you can always start from scratch, learning these things can give you an initial push to your career that can prove very helpful for you. 

Let’s now have a look over some of the certifications available online for cyber security. You can start with any of these certifications to begin your journey into cyber security. 

a)CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional 

b)GCIH: GIAC Certified Incident Handler 

c) SSCP: Systems Security Certified Practitioner d)CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor e)CISM: Certified Information Security Manager f) CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker 

g)OSCP: Offensive Security Certified Professional h)CASP: CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner i) GSEC: GIAC Security Essentials Certification j) Security+

There are many other certifications available for cyber security but these are some of the most asked cyber certifications by organizations. 

Importance of soft skills in cyber security Today! It is almost impossible to survive without good soft skills in the market. Even in a technical field like cyber security, you should have a good command of your soft skills. Soft Skill helps you to create a good team environment that can help you to increase the productivity of your team. These are some of the soft skills that can also help you to get into cyber security: 

1) Problem-Solving skill: Our main focus should always be on solving real-life questions. The ability of a person to observe the problem and then come up with a viable solution is very helpful in the field of cyber security. We see many professionals 

forestalling the problems and always trying to solve them even before happening. However, the main focus should always be on finding vulnerabilities to prevent theft. 

2) Teamwork: One swallow does not make a summer, well said by someone. You can’t do everything on your own. You have to create or join a team where many different people of the same niche will work 

together to solve a specific problem. You should know how to talk with new, unknown persons.

3) Presentation skill: We can’t leave that, because sometimes you might need to explain some technical things through the presentation. So, you should be good at creating presentations. 

These skills can help you make good friends and also can help you to create a good circle for you. I hope you understand the things. Now we can talk a bit about salary and pay-out in the modern field of cyber security. 

Cyber Security Salary Trends

The salary in cybersecurity is slightly higher than the other respective domains. Here, the salary depends more on the skillset of the individual and job roles. As there are various roles in cybersecurity, such as Application Security Engineer, Security Engineer, It security specialist, network security specialist, Information security specialist, and many more. 

However, the average salary in different domains of cybersecurity is around 7 lacs p.a. As the number of jobs and demands are increasing, the salary in this domain will also have a big bump. 

I hope now you have a better idea about cybersecurity and you know how to get started. I wish you all the best for your journey ahead.