Well, we guess that is no new information to the Counter-Strike game lovers. But then the question arises “ how to get free CSGO skins”.

Skins are a new and loved feature of the game series: Counterstrike. Skins are actually the different weapons having different appearance and styles and are overall very attractive and cool, but having no effective effect on the gameplay of course. Well, we guess that is no new information to the Counter-Strike game lovers. But then the question arises “ how to get free CSGO skins”.

Because if you go by the traditional route, the CGSO skins are apparently quite expensive. The range goes as low as $0.1 to as high as $100,000. Now the gamers who already know about some of the CSGO betting sites can get some of the skins through gambling. It’s up to you how you want it. 

Now that is a lot of money for getting skin in the game.

So, here we have listed some famous and tried-tested ways to actually get these skins for free or for a much lesser amount –

How to get free CSGO skins?

  1. Promo Codes
  • Now just as promo codes are an effective way for discounting prices of letting it be any commodity, they too work well for the CSGO skins.
  • All the hard work is of finding a valid and working promo code. One of them is “ FREEKASA ”, which works in almost all cases and has a chance of actually giving you the free CSGO skins. 
  • There are pretty other sites that offer valid codes. But you have to be alert while finding such codes because mostly they turn out to be a scam or ineffective data.
  • You can also enter into sponsored events or championships and events. Most of the time they are offering Promo codes like these.
  1. Apps and Surveys
  • These are also a valid and worthwhile option to get free skins.
  • They require less hustle and effort. All you have to do is find a genuine app or survey which will in turn actually give you skins.
  • Because again, the amount of fake and fraudulent apps and websites present out there looking all pleasing and easy but offering you just your waste of time is growing. So you have to be careful while doing that.
  • You can always ask for a friend who has some tried and tested apps and surveys like that.
  1. Play and win
  • Now, this may sound similar to the above-mentioned ideas but they are a bit different. These places host tournaments on an almost regular basis where you play against other people and the winner gets skins and other related things.
  • Some sites which are popular in this list are, Faceit, Zengaming, and etc
  • Just keep yourself updated about their hostings which we believe is not a big or mentionable deal for gamers.
  1. Referral Links
  • There are many sites that will offer you free skins in exchange if you agree to post their links and affiliated posts on your blog or Instagram. 
  • So if you are a person with quite a good amount of audience or followers then you probably have got yourself covered.
  1. New Case Drops 
  • Now, this is quite less famous and is luck based but then pretty obvious too. You can get free CSGO skins by playing on community servers against real players ( and not just bots). 
  • The thing is that your server should be VAC enabled. 
  • This will get you 4 drops per week, although three of them are cases that again require a key that is to be bought. But there will also be skin entirely free. 
  • That skin can be rare and fairly expensive and you will get it for free or at a comparatively minimal price. All you need is your gaming skills.
  1. Ask your friends
  • We agree this sounds like a favor asking thing but if there are chances that you have a nice helpful friend (probably best friend!) you can use this trick.
  • A free skin in the trade of life advice, we hope it works.
  • You can ask them for cheaper skins, collect them and make an inventory and when you have enough value, just trade them up for a higher value skin. 
  1. Keep an eye on new case drops
  • This is rare but if you are always on alert and up to date about the latest missions then this will help. 
  • Because when a new case arrives the skins are quite pricey but when you play and get a drop of the case you can sell those skins at good rates and that will then bring you enough money to buy your favorite CSGO skins.


So these were some of the effective and well-known tips and tricks that will get you your favorite skin for free or at least almost free even when it is in a price range above your purchasing quota. We hope the tricks will get all the gamers out there the perfect answer of their curiosity asked.

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