The process of getting a new driving licence is required in several cases. For example, when your agreement expires soon. Today, you will discover how to fill out the D1 application form in the UK. It will help you to get a new driving licence in a short time. If you want to know what is a D1 form, let’s take a look!

Requirements for a New Driving Licence

You can’t get a new driving licence without a particular reason. There are three main cases when you should get a new document. 

Your licence will expire soon 

It’s the most popular reason people fill out the D1 form. When you see that your driving licence is expiring, it’s better to file a request for a new one a few weeks before. Writing a form may take some time as well as producing a new licence. If you don’t want to drive without a licence, fill out the DVLA D1 licence application in time. 

The licence was stolen or lost

You may lose your licence or destroy it accidentally, or somebody can steal it. Even though people think these situations are rare, it happens quite frequently. There is no need to pay any fees. You should just apply for a new licence as soon as possible.  

Your passport data is changed

A driving licence includes some of your personal information, and it should remain up-to-date. If you change your name or gender, you should report this and get a new document. The same holds for your address. In case you move to another house, you should fill out D1 and get a new driving licence. 

How to Get a New Driving Licence?

Nowadays, you don’t need to get a printable form. You can easily fill a D1 application blank online and make an e-signature. So, everything you need to apply for a new driving licence is your laptop and Internet connection. 

D1 form contains eight sections. First, you should write your personal information, including your current address. You also have to indicate what type of licence you want. Previous licence details are required to report the expiring date. This blank has a health section, and if you have one ‘Yes’ answer, DVLA may ask you to fill additional medical forms. You have to upload your photo and leave a signature when you finish filling out a document. 

How to Send a D1 Form? 

When your D1 application form is ready, you should send it and get approval. So, there are two last steps you should take. 

Step 1: Pay for the blank

The process of paying for the D1 form is described in the leaflet INS115. Here you will find all the information about the fee and how to pay for the form. The fee can change for some reason. You should be sure that the data you know is up-to-date. 

Step 2: File the form to DVLA

You can send a paper copy of the D1 form. However, it’s safer to do it online because important documents won’t be lost or destroyed. After you pay for the blank, you can send it to the DVLA email address and wait for the answer. 

New Driving Licence in a Short Time

The D1 application form is an easy way to apply for a new driving licence. It became even simpler when the online forms appeared. Now you just fill the D1 out at home and send it to DVLA. The whole process can take up to an hour. Follow the guide above, and get a new driving licence if the old one is expiring, lost, or you have some other reason. 

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