How to Find the Best Gambling Sites Online

Gambling online is a great experience. But it can be frustrating when you join the wrong casino. You could experience slow payments, games which crash often or bonuses with hidden terms and conditions.

For the best experience, choose the best online casinos. Here, we’ve prepared a tried and tested technique for vetting gambling sites to ensure they deliver quality services. Let’s get started.

 Utilize Search Engines

We live in an era of digital search engines that provide millions of results in fractions of a second. All you need is to key in a few relevant words. In this case, utilize Google to find the best casinos near you.

Google delivers thousands of results. But pay attention to the sites on the first page. That’s where the best companies appear. Now, not all top results on Google will be about casinos you like. 

And that’s the curse of search engines. They provide so many results that you end up getting confused. For clarity, include all important keywords in your search. For example, type ‘best slot sites in UK’ instead of best casinos.

Alternatively search casinos sites by their payment methods, mobile support or bonuses. It can help you narrow down to the specific companies you’re looking for.

Check out Review Websites

According to a survey by, 84% of online shoppers trust reviews more than their friends. That’s because reviews provide an objective projection of a website. In the casino space, look for two types of reviews.

Read reviews from experts and also look at comments from a casino’s past and present customers. Find casino recommendations from trusted sources only. A case in point: SP casinos suggest gambling sites by describing the best features of different casinos.

It can recommend a casino with 1000+ games. Next, it talks about the best sites for fast payouts. On the flip side, it reviews sports, and companies with the best bonuses. In doing so, you’ll have a good reason to join specific gambling sites.

Determine what you want

The word ‘best’ is subjective. A friend could recommend a casino because it gives out lots of live casino bonuses. However, you might be a slot player who seldom plays poker and blackjack. 

Owing to that backdrop, define what’s important to you in a casino. Do you want a casino with high-quality slots and table games? Or are you more interested in the sports betting side of online gambling?

Make a list of 5-10 things you expect in a good gambling site. Then favorite casinos with the features you like. This way, you’ll have a blueprint for ranking the best gambling site for you. And you’ll save time in the process. 

Have Deal-Breakers

While it’s essential to judge casinos based on your favorite features, also take note of things you can’t tolerate in a gambling site. Let’s start with inadequate security features. If a casino lacks a license, uses an unsecured website or doesn’t protect players’ data, it’s not worth your attention.

Some people can join sportsbooks and casinos with no bonuses. But they won’t tolerate a site that takes weeks to process payouts. Others love bonuses so much that if a site lacks freebies, it’s out of contention.

Everyone has a list of things they dislike in online businesses. Use your dislikes to determine deal-breakers in a gambling site. Don’t compromise. The Internet is jam-packed with great gambling apps and sites.

Check a Casino’s Payment Partners

Some payment companies won’t partner with a casino unless it’s safe and provides reliable services. PayPal is a great example. It vets every gambling site it works with. Importantly, it doesn’t hesitate to drop an operator accused of fraud.

With that in mind, there are so many payment options today. You don’t have to choose a PayPal or bank transfer casino. There are casinos for Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, eChecks, MasterCard and Boku.

The goal is to ensure a site works with renowned payment methods. Preferably, choose a site whose payment methods support chargebacks. That way, you can always reverse a deposit if you suspect a sportsbook is illegitimate.

Still on payments, stick around to learn about a gambling site’s payment fees, limits and withdrawal speeds. Learn the minimum and maximum you can deposit; the time it takes to process a withdrawal and the fees you must pay. 

In case you’re wondering, a good rule of thumb is to choose a site with instant deposits. The limits should range between $10 and $10,000 while the fees should be zero for deposits and not more than 3% for withdrawals. 

Check Software Providers and Games

Another way to find a good casino is to look at its software providers and games. Best-rated gambling sites provide a wide range of games from renowned software companies. These developers include NetEnt, Betsoft, Playtech, Evolution, BTG and Play’n GO.

The companies didn’t become famous for creating mediocre games. They have proven track records when it comes to game development. Some of them own award-winning slots and table games. What’s more, they’re licensed and audited for providing fair games.

Still, to be clear, look at the games a casino provides. Some sites can have the least-paying games from a well-known developer. In contrast, you want to see a range of top-rated games.

Look at Customer Service

Want to find the best gambling sites quickly? List several operators with a variety of features you like. Then compare and contrast their customer service. List operators with 24/7 live support on one hand. Dismiss the rest.

Next, read comments about the quality of customer service from each casino. If a casino attracts lots of negative opinions, chances are it delivers poor services online. On the contrast, a site top-rated for dedicated customer service is likely to offer reliable services.

The explanation is simple. Most online companies don’t put much effort in customer service. They have a number or email address you can contacts. But they rarely invest in efficient customer service. Only top of the line gambling sites provide satisfactory customer help.