You do not need expensive jewelry to achieve a luxurious look. You can find affordable, high-quality jewelry both online and offline. Below are tips for finding cheap good quality jewelry. 

  1. Check Online Reviews

There is a wide range of inexpensive jewelry in online shops. However, before you make your order, check consumer reviews for the online shop to establish if it is reliable. It is best to check multiple reviews websites and forums. 

Aside from checking the overall rating, read both positive and critical consumer reviews. They will help you to find out if the products are quality, whether the company offers excellent customer service, and if their return and refund policies are favorable.

For instance, consumer reviews on indicate that although Amazon offers a wide range of cheap good quality jewelry, customers are dissatisfied with their customer service. For example, getting in touch with a customer service representative on the Amazon phone number is difficult.

Also, check individual product reviews to ascertain that they are quality. Customer reviews for a piece of jewelry you want to buy can indicate if the products are as advertised or tend to chip and fade within a few years. For items such as rings, the reviews will indicate if they fit true-to-size.

  1. Go for Minimalist Jewelry

The global minimalist jewelry market is expected to grow at a 6.4% rate between 2021-2030. This is due to an increase in disposable income among customers and a rising trend of minimalism. 

Minimalist jewelry is simple, elegant, and timeless with a modern touch. It is versatile, as most pieces pair well with different outfits, fashion styles, and body types. There is a wide variety for both men and women, whether you want earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, or rings. You can go for ready-made or customized jewelry. Options include both high-end and low-cost jewelry.

  1. Avoid Jewelry That is Too Shinny

Most cheap jewelry is made of inexpensive metal alloys with a shiny coating that makes it conspicuously bright and lustrous. In most cases, the coating peels off within a few weeks or months, leaving the jewelry looking ugly.

Instead, go for jewelry made of polished metals such as silver, gold, and brass. The darker tones make the jewelry look more expensive and elegant.

  1. Check the Quality of Craftsmanship

Take a closer look at the jewelry before buying. Zoom in on the product picture and check if the piece is symmetrical. Look for signs of poor craftsmanship, such as uneven placement of gemstones, bumps, soldering marks, and uneven polishing or enamel. Also, read the product description in detail to confirm that the finish and size of the jewelry are as desired.

  1. Go for Semi-Precious Stones Instead of Fake Ones

There are four main precious stones—diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. These are rare, highly valued, and expensive. Since only a few people can afford jewelry with precious stones, they opt for fakes. 

However, fake plastic crystals and cubic zirconia do not look like real diamonds neither does red glass look like a ruby. Typically, they are super-bright, look cheap, and get damaged easily. 

Instead, opt for semi-precious stones such as quartz or polished. Other options for affordable gemstones include amethyst, agate, hematite, onyx, rose quartz, and topaz. They may not be as sophisticated as precious stones, but they are more elegant and durable than fake ones.

  1. Don’t Shy Away from Fake Gold 

Like precious stones, real gold jewelry is expensive and out of reach for many people. However, you can achieve a classy look with fake gold. Usually, fake gold jewelry is made of a base metal plated with a thin layer of 18k or 24k real gold. The most common base metals for gold-plated jewelry are brass, stainless, aluminum, nickel, silver, and zinc. 

Stainless steel and sterling silver are some of the best base metals for gold-plated jewelry. 737-sterling silver jewelry 18K+ gold coated jewelry can last several years. However, it is expensive. Cheaper gold jewelry imitations are coated with titanium nitride but tend to discolor fast, becoming dull and green. 

With proper storage and cleaning, you can keep your fake gold looking real for longer. Also, there are some ways to renew its luster when it dulls or discolors.

  1. Avoid Imitations of Designer Brands

If you cannot splurge on real designer jewelry, avoid imitations. For example, fake Chanel jewelry is easily identifiable and looks flimsy. It says, “look at me, I am cheap.”

  1. Buy Jewelry That Compliments Your Body Type and Fashion Style

Jewelry should accentuate your features and enhance your outfits. Although there are no fast and hard rules about which type of jewelry to wear for specific outfits and body types, there are some guidelines to follow.

For instance, long and lean earrings and necklaces have a slimming effect. If you are slender, avoid big and chunky jewelry. If you have an hourglass or pear-shaped body, round shapes highlight your curves. 

Ring bracelets make smaller hands look longer, while wider bracelets make your arms look shorter. If you are self-conscious about your neck area, go for long necklaces with a pendant instead of chockers.

Classic, minimalist jewelry goes well with formal and conservative outfits. Rose gold, pearls, silver, and diamond complement an attire, whether it is a solid color or patterned. On the other hand, beaded and chunky jewelry are great statement pieces for upgrading casual outfits for a chic look.

How to Make Fake Gold Look Real

To restore luster in fake gold, use gold nail polish and a shiny transparent top coat. Choose a shade of gold polish that matches the gold tone in your jewelry. The top coat protects the gold polish layer and makes the jewelry look shinier. 

For best results, wash the tarnished jewelry and let it dry overnight before applying polish. Allow each layer of polish to dry completely. Keep in mind that some nail polishes are toxic. Since the top coat will be in contact with your skin, go for a topcoat polish that is organic and safe on the skin. 

The Final Word

You do not have to break the bank to acquire classy, elegant jewelry. With thorough market research, you can find cheap jewelry that looks expensive. Start by identifying reputable, affordable jewelry shops online or near you. Browse their catalog to identify pieces you like that fit your body type and fashion style. 

If you are unsure, go for minimalist jewelry. It is classy, timeless, and versatile. Avoid flimsy, shiny jewelry. Also, avoid imitations of precious stones and designer jewelry. 

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