How to Find and Join NFT Communities:  Understanding the NFT Space

The community metrics can always identify a good NFT project. Size, participation, and engagement are key factors to look out for when joining an NFT community. 

It is crucial for buyers to thoroughly research the NFT project and find out how the NFT community works, performs, and responds to community initiatives, as this is critical to investment success. But, how do these communities come together, and where can they be found?

Why Communities are Important in the NFT Space

For so long, artists have yearned for a better system for earning and scaling. In 2021, the NFT boom finally ensued, facilitated by the blockchain, the major disruptor. As a result, many artists have jumped on the NFT innovation bandwagon to establish themselves and their art, promoting the emerging technologies on the blockchain. Because of this, finding different communities to join, engage with, and collectively build is the newest in-thing. 

Many communities and clubs are formed on Clubhouse, Twitter, Telegram, and even Discord, as many seek to carve unique paths away from the centralized deficiencies of established art establishments. But perhaps a bigger reason is the NFT utility opportunity creating a buzz in today’s media. Utility-driven NFTs are very exciting to every NFT holder as they create real-life value for members and even non-members in some cases. 

How to Find NFT Communities

The most important way to find NFT communities is through research. Good research can reveal which NFT projects are good and which communities are advisable. One of the best ways to research NFT communities is by following NFT Calendars such as the one here. Anyone interested in finding NFT communities may begin by joining NFT discord servers. In the NFT and crypto worlds, Discord and Twitter operate like go-to newspapers but do more than enable communication as they facilitate interaction. Users ought to know how to use these tools to succeed in this industry. Many believe Discord is the Metaverse’s gateway. There are thousands of NFT-related discord servers growing communities and creating utility around their tokens.

What Platforms are Best for NFT Communities?

As earlier highlighted, Discord servers and Twitter are the best platforms for NFT communities. But Telegram is also a great platform, as many communities gather in the telegram space and have conversations in chat and over calls. 

These platforms provide early access to information about NFTs, enabling users to find the most viable NFT initiative right on time. Discord scores premium as the ultimate text, voice, chat, and video platform that satisfies the need to have every member in one place where resources and information could be shared seamlessly. 

What are the Best NFT Communities?

Below are some top-performing NFT communities to join:

Vee Friends

Vee Friends, created by Gary Vee, refers to a collection of NFTs that each has a utility. Gary Vee is a well-known figure as he anticipated the rise of the internet and social media and how everything would advance to the point where it would be critical to our lives. 

He perceives this very same incident with NFTs, so he chose to start his project. The Vee Friends Discord community is one of the most sought-after communities as it focuses on people who wish to learn about or enter the realm of NFTs but don’t know how to.


OpenSea has over 170K members on its Discord server. As the largest NFT marketplace by volume, OpenSea has abundant materials for newcomers to NFTs and developers wishing to incorporate OpenSea technology into their websites. 

The #News channel on the OpenSea Discord is very active and gets all of the information from OpenSea’s Twitter account for the community. OpenSea also has a #Community-Help channel where users can help with various common and occasionally complicated topics.

RiseAngle’s RAM NFT Community

With over 40K members, the RAM NFT discord community is rife with vigor and engagement. RiseAngle NFTs are more of an experience for the RiseAngle community than a product. RiseAngle’s objective entails developing a world of innovative opportunities and establishing a long-term community. 

RiseAngle, Inc. is a disruptive game developer and publisher focused on promoting virtue. RiseAngle is the first gaming company that specializes in virtuous gaming. The company has created a universe of creative possibilities by combining engaging storytelling with emerging technologies like blockchain, NFTs, and virtual reality. RiseAngle has released five games across six platforms with over 300,000 installs, including a few games from World of Mazes game series, a much appreciated series of games with raving fans.

People join NFT memberships to buff up their status or meet a utility need, and this motivates the community to produce new experiences and products to build their brand. The RiseAngle Membership (RAM) NFT is a membership that gives its holders access to many benefits such as a closed and virtuous community, many unique NFT collections, and early access to associate NFT initiatives, among other things. 

In addition, because of how dedicated and intentional RiseAngle is to community success, there are many huge giveaways and promotions on the community discord, and you can join their community on Twitter or Discord.

R/NFT Community

At the time of writing, the NFT subreddit has over 201K members, and its discord server has around 75K users. R/NFT Community refers to the discord server of the NFT subreddit. This community is also an ideal place to start for newbies. In addition, the server features regular updates on what’s going on in the NFT world and the opportunity for members to promote their NFT projects.


Rarible is the second biggest NFT marketplace, and it often hosts some of the most important projects. For example, bored Ape Yacht Club, Creature World, MekaVerse, and Cryptoadz appeared on the Rarible market. Rarible has quality academic content, and its Discord channel is ideal for anyone curious about NFTs, whether investors, artists or developers.


The NFT space is a community as it is a gathering place for people. People pour time and effort into exchanging ideas, collaborating, conversing on Twitter Spaces, and supporting projects while investing to make good returns. Therefore, doing the homework of research and analysis and joining a vibrant community is the key. And because NFTs come with the chance to earn royalties (usually between 5% and 20%), projects with great communities rake in the most value.