How to download NCERT Solutions for class 9 maths PDF free of cost?

NCERT maths class 9 solutions can be easily downloaded in pdf format free of cost. The class 9 syllabus is very important for the students as they have to be well prepared for the concepts and all the fundamentals of the subject. Maths is a scoring subject and needs lots of practice, proper understanding and hard work. Students can also opt for Ncert maths class 9 solutions pdf download to get the most comprehensive approach to the subject which helps them to carry forward in the next class with proper concepts and the ability to think logically. These solutions can be easily downloaded. The chapters and the syllabus are very exclusive with minute things explained in a detailed manner.

All the chapters in class 9 maths are very important as these topics will be continued in an advanced way in higher classes. This prepares the students with proper track and the concepts to deal with the higher end problems in higher classes.

The solutions are beneficial to the students in every way. There are practise exercises which give a thorough practice to the students. The variety of problems and their solutions makes the students think much ahead and solve the problems. The solutions are the best guide and the study material for students to do well in the exams. Maths needs lots of preparation and practise and all these are given in the solution. Students can rely upon this and start their preparation.

NCERT Solutions and the textbook will give a thorough preparation for the students in the class 9 exam. The sample papers and the previous question papers also can be downloaded to get an idea of the examination pattern.

Maths syllabus should be very clear in a student’s mind. The efforts they put into learning will be very useful for class 10. They should get the clarity of the syllabus and the concepts.

Class 9 maths comprises of Number System, Polynomials, Coordinate Geometry, Linear Equations in Two Variables, Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry, Lines and Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles, Circles, Construction, Surface Areas, Heron’s Formula and Volumes, Statistics and Probability.

These chapters are very important and should be focussed and learnt with full logical concepts. These concepts will help them to understand better in higher classes.

Study tips and NCERT solutions

The Solutions and the textbook will be of help only when you put the effort to learn with thorough understanding. Maths cannot be learnt in a day or memorized and score good marks. The level of perfection can be achieved only through practice. This can be possible with the proper and productive study plan.

How to make the best study plan?

The first is to know the syllabus, topics and the contents of each topic. You should also analyze every section before making the plan of study.

  1. Jot down the chapter and the topic to complete each day.
  2. Since you will start the preparation early you will have enough time so go slowly but thoroughly.
  3. Plan the syllabus according to your capability. Do not overburden yourself with many topics. While you are planning the topics simultaneously, plan the exercises in the solutions also. This will give you perfect practice of a variety of problems in the same topic.
  4. Make sure to plan and put in the timetable whatever is to be done. This will make your study plan very easy and systematic.
  5. You can also get an idea of the time taken to complete the syllabus.
  6. This you will also know the time left for revision making you more relaxed.

Going forward the next step

The study plan is done now, the place to be chosen for your studies. This should be calm, quiet and away from any distractions. Once you decide the place make sure that you study in the same place. This will create a study atmosphere and also gives you motivation.

Scheduling the Studies.

As the plan and the place is important for the progressive study, the timing also is equally important. Fix a time either morning or evening so that the regularity and the system are maintained making you organized and disciplined. Maintain the same time every day.

Preparation and Revision of notes.

Reading the chapters will give you an understanding of the topics. Taking down the points will improve your learning and grasping adequately. Anything, when you write, is as good as reading many times. So one can imagine the benefits when you take down points or write the answers. Maths in class 9 has formulas in any topic. Write down all the formulas and read them daily. This will be there in your mind for a long time.

Study Breaks

Don’t prolong the studies continuously for a long time. This will be boring and at times can demotivate you. Take a short break and come back. This will give you energy and will have a fresh mind. You can listen to some soft music or munch something healthy. These might be simple tips but when you practically do it works.

Sample and practise papers

It is very important to know the progress once you are all prepared with your syllabus. Solve the sample papers and know the mistakes and also the method you have solved the problems. Compare these with the solutions and know where you have gone wrong or if you have got everything right then it’s great!!!! You are ready for your goal.

Proper sleep and rest.

Exams are very important at the same time your health is also important. You should be energetic, fresh from both body and mind. Have a proper night’s sleep. Do not go for late-night study. Even if you are left out with some topics you can try to do the next day.