How to Double Up Fun in Party: 8 Ways

From ancient times, parties have served as an important source of entertainment to society and its people. From the ancient Greek and Roman Empires to the modern age days, studies have proved that parties were an important part of societal life. People of all ages are influenced by these gatherings and this has been clearly portrayed in the history books.

But modern-day parties are so much different from the preceding ages. Parties nowadays are not only about drinking without any limit, but it is also about the enjoyment of an individual. As per current research, the typical American party organizer spends $1,422.65 each year on snacks, drinks, and home decor.

So, to level up your party, here are some amazing tips and tricks with which you can give your guests a night to remember.

1. Don’t be afraid to invite as many people you want

Yes, invite as many as you can, irrespective of the age (not children of course!) or neighbourhood. Sometimes, new faces can be very heartwarming and can lead to a lot of new friendships.

So, when you’re hosting a party, make sure your invite list is not exclusive. You can also inform your friends to bring their friends and you all can have a gala time together. Who knows, your evening might just take a different turn. 😉

2. Set up a DIY bar corner

Admit it, the main attraction of an adult party is the drinks and the booze. Most people come to parties to let loose and enjoy. So, you as the host should make the perfect arrangements for your party-comers.

Set up a DIY bar corner with an array of liqueurs and syrups to choose from. Also, make sure the bar has a standing mixologist to help your guests navigate their likings.

3. Play an interesting game

While at a party, people look for fun things to do. So, to make their evening even better, organize an interesting game that will catch the attention of your guests, for example, a scavenger hunt.

After the first round of drinks, lead your guests to the game area. Set up clues all around the house and urge your guest to hunt them. Also, arrange rewards for the one with more objects.

4. Celebrate sudden holidays

There’s no rule that parties must be hosted on significant holidays only. It’s up to you, as the party host when to organize one. But, if you’re really in a dilemma, then you can go with sudden off-beat holidays.

For example, on ‘Pi Day’, you can just invite some friends and family and enjoy delicious pies and desserts together. Yes, it’s that simple.

5. Turn your home into a casino

When you’re planning to host a party, why not do something to level up the fun? Employ a group that will offer the thrills of baccarat or casino to your lounge space, equipped with professional presenters. Encourage guests to dress up in their finest Las Vegas gear and enjoy classic Sinatra alongside.

6. Keep a playlist handy

Music has been another component of a successful party since ancient times. Trust me, you will not regret planning your song playlists beforehand. Start the party with some slow, RnB songs and as the night rolls down, pull up the songs with exciting dancing beats.

Install good quality speakers and amplifiers to make it irresistible for the guests. You can make a CD or a pen drive of your music playlists and who knows, your guests might be impressed?

7. Throw a karaoke night

Karaoke is such a fun and exciting activity to try out. People love singing their favourite songs, especially when they are drunk and at a party. So, rent a karaoke system and enjoy your favourite tunes in the comfort of your private place instead of visiting a cabaret bar. This will make your guests feel more comfortable, and will double the fun!

8. Plan a classic sleepover

Invite your friends home to relive all the excitement of a slumber party, just like you did back in the days. Organize fun events like wine tastings, tarot card readings, or even some good old singalong.

Over to you…

Parties can be a great way to enjoy and create wonderful memories with your friends and families. As a host, you should be able to create the perfect party environment, full of enjoyment and fun. Be certain to include party activities that keep your guests engaged so that they can relax and enjoy themselves and have a fun-filled, memorable evening.