Writing a compelling resume can be difficult, so we have worked hard to compile a list of tips that can help you land a job. But, unfortunately, a resume is usually only looked at for 6 seconds by most recruiters. Isn’t it crazy?!

When job recruiters come across your resume, they won’t keep browsing through a stack of resumes. However, we understand how important it is for your resume to stand out, so we are confident that you will be able to write the perfect resume by reading this informative post.

Tips for crafting a resume for Starbucks Barista

Selecting the Most Appropriate Resume Format for Starbucks

Structure, design, and layout all play a role in the resume format. Your resume must be not only readable but also attractive. Use professional fonts with ample margins, a balanced layout, and enough white space. Use the reverse chronological arrangement for your employment history, with your most recent employer listed first and your first employer listed last.

Add Summary or Objectives

Cafes and coffee shops are continuously looking for new employees. They do, however, have a large pool of applicants from whom to choose. Given this, it is no wonder that most hiring managers spend less than 6 seconds reviewing each resume. Yes, that’s correct!

Although this fact emphasises the need for a resume that attracts attention, you just have a few seconds to capture the reader’s attention. But how are you going to accomplish it? First, use a summary or objective on your resume. As a barista, you understand the importance of a friendly greeting. Similarly, summary and objectives are essential introductions to your resume.

But what exactly is the distinction between a summary and an objective?

A resume summary is a two to four sentences statement highlighting your most important work experiences and accomplishments. A resume objective is a two to four phrase paragraph that summarises what you want to accomplish on your resume.

Should aspiring baristas use a summary or an objective in their resumes?

A resume summary is recommended for persons who have relevant cafe job experience. In addition, a resume objective is helpful if you have the necessary abilities but no experience working in a coffeehouse.

Add Work Experience

Nothing beats a barista with job experience in the eyes of a recruiter. An excellent job history instils trust and lowers the perceived risk of employing someone fresh. As a result, you’ll want to make the most of this area.

The following is the ideal approach to organise your job experience section:

  • Position Name
  • Dates
  • Company Name
  • Responsibilities & Achievements

Instead of merely describing your everyday activities, show how you were a meaningful contribution at your previous/current workplace. This allows the recruiter to quickly see the benefits of hiring you like the new barista.

Also, when drafting a resume for this position, emphasise coffee service experience, hospitality expertise, the ability to work swiftly, and an enthusiasm for providing excellent customer experiences.

Mention Education

It is now time to discuss your schooling. Now, having a higher degree does not automatically make you an excellent barista, so don’t be scared by this area. Simply enter your educational background in the following way to make things simple: Institution Name, Qualification Type, 

GPA, Years Studied, Courses, Honours, etc.

Include Contact Details

Include your complete name, occupation, phone number, email address, and mailing address.

What if you lack relevant work experience?

Perhaps you are a student searching for your first barista job. Maybe you’ve worked in some other type of job before, but never at a coffee shop. Whatever the situation may be, there are solutions available to you.

Here are a few ideas for gaining additional experience to impress the recruiting manager:

  • Volunteer at a local food pantry.
  • Obtain a food handler’s license.
  • Enroll in a culinary arts class.

Add Relevant Skills

That being said, there isn’t enough room to detail every talent you possess. So, what do cafe owners want from their staff?

Here’s a tip: check the job posting to see what qualifications the café is seeking and include those skills in your Starbuck resume.

Highlight Hobbies & Interests

On the other hand, this portion allows the recruiting manager to get to know you personally. The cafe is looking for someone that would be an excellent fit for the team. The most straightforward approach to achieving this is to talk about your interests, particularly those requiring social engagement.

Mention Certificates & Awards

Have you ever been recognized as the employee of the month? Have you taken any relevant third-party courses for this position? Make sure to include the certifications and awards in your resume, no matter what!

Add Languages Known

Whether or not it is included in the job description, the ability to speak various languages is remarkable, and no one can disagree with that. Sort your languages according to their level of proficiency (Basic, Fluent, Native, Intermediate, Proficient)

Include a Cover Letter in addition to your resume

Do you want to make a lasting impression on your potential employer? Then, accompany your Resume with an enticing cover letter. A resume is great for conveying important information, but nothing beats a well-written cover letter when it comes to impressing the hiring manager.

Consider yourself in the position of a hiring manager who must sift through 50 resumes one by one. That would be both tedious and complicated, so it is very uncommon for the hiring manager to feel confused by several applications. A cover letter allows you to connect personally while also guaranteeing that you are remembered.

Important Points to Remember

Let’s add up everything:

  • Choose the appropriate format for your scenario and area of experience. Then, following the recommended layout, priorities the reverse-chronological format.
  • Use a concise, snappy resume summary or objective to grab the recruiter’s attention.
  • Instead of listing your regular responsibilities, emphasize your most significant achievements from your job experience.
  • Include a compelling cover letter with a personal and highly-specific application.

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