How to Design a Great Landing Page

Landing page (selling, landing page) is a one-page website created for a specific advertising campaign.  Landing pages are intended solely so that the user can focus on the purchase as much as possible without being distracted from it.  When you pay for every click, you just need to use a landing page to get the best experience, or you might miss out on a visitor.  Tailor your landing page to suit your target market, don’t leave it all to chance by sending them to your home page without any clear purpose.

 So, you already know about the benefits of using landing pages, then the next step is to implement them in your ad campaign.  Where to begin?  How to make your landing page as effective as possible? Should you go to pitch deck services by Halo Lab?

Don’t be afraid to show prices

 There is a common misconception that showing prices will scare away the user right away.  However, this is not always the case.  If you’re charging a fixed price or advertising a special offer, then you shouldn’t be “afraid” to show it.

 By showing your prices, you will immediately increase your conversion rate as users will already know what they are signing up for.  You will save them from hidden surprises that can delay the conversion process indefinitely.

Consider using video

 Video has become one of the most powerful types of content lately, so it’s a great idea to use it on your landing page.  Video keeps the visitor on your page and is a stronger and more engaging message than standard text.  Remember that more than 50% of people watch videos every day, so using such content will not be superfluous at all.

Work out the structure

 The main feature of a selling page is to convert a visitor into a customer.  Even if it’s the most attractive landing page ever created, but it’s not convincing, you will lose a lot of potential customers.  Think over well the structure, text content, logic of information presentation.  You should, block by block, reinforce the visitor’s confidence that this is where he will find what he needs.  Emphasize the benefits, convince, argue, create a strong effect, make your offer special and attractive – and make sure that the number of conversions will increase significantly.

Call to action

 Your call to action should be the last point of user interaction with the landing page.  The secret is to keep it short, tasty, and tempting.  In other words, offer the client something that is simply impossible to refuse, and do it brightly and visibly!

Give thanks

 It will be great if you thank the client on a specially created thank you page.  This will make you feel good and at the same time letting you know that the action is complete.

 Thank you page provides you with a great opportunity to please the user even more, strengthen your relationship.  Thank each user with valuable information in the form of a fact sheet, helpful guide, free trial or annual industry report – it always builds trust and makes the user feel valuable to you.  Be better than your competitors and give your customers something special.

Build trust with testimonials

 Don’t neglect testimonials when creating your landing page.  By providing case studies and short customer testimonials, you create a solid platform of trust with the user.

 A user visiting your site will probably want to make sure that your offer is really worthwhile.  The evidence provided will validate the benefits of the product and service level, greatly increasing the chances of conversions.

Create your own unique design with these simple tips now.  Or just contact professionals who will make an individual startup design.