How to Decode, Read Your BMW VIN and Where to Find It

Do you want to decode your BMW’s VIN number? Do you want to know more about your BMW car? Do you want to get a detailed report about your car?

A single 17-character extended code can solve all your questions. This code is the Vehicle Identification Number, that is, VIN. It is a unique code assigned to each vehicle independently. This code can be taken as similar to a QR code of a vehicle.

As a QR code stores a whole bunch of information about the respective product, a VIN number stores all the essential details about the vehicle. You will get a lot of information about the vehicle through a single VIN lookup. 

You just need to search for a site selling VIN lookup. Although you will find a lot of VIN lookup sites over the internet, not all of them comply with your requirements or are worth using. You should get the one that suits you the best. 

BMW VIN Decoder is one of the best online services that provide a VIN lookup tool. It will provide you with a full-fledged report containing all the essential information about the vehicle. 

How To Decode BMW VIN Number?

The VIN number of a vehicle can easily get decoded through the BMW VIN decoder. You just need to search for your VIN number in this tool to get all the information. 

  1. Find the VIN number of the vehicle you are looking at. You can easily find the VIN number in the ways further discussed in the article. 
  1. Once you get the VIN number, now open the BMW VIN decoder. You can search for it over google or just click on the provided link. 
  1. The BMW VIN decoder is like a search engine to check the VIN numbers. You can enter the VIN number in the search box and press ‘Search’. After that, you need to wait for a few minutes. 
  1. The VIN decoder runs a quick search and provides you with a detailed search result. It will show you a complete report displaying the vehicle’s history, requirements, specifications, recalls, etc. 

BMW VIN decoder is the best decoder that will help you decode your VIN number effectively. It will help you understand the vehicle better. 

How To Read Your BMW VIN Number?

The BMW VIN number is a 17-character long code. It is an alpha-numeric code that is different for each vehicle. It shows a complete identification of the vehicle. 

Although for getting in-depth information about the vehicle, you need to decode it using the BMW VIN decoder, you can get basic information about the vehicle just by reading the code. 

The VIN number comprises a number of codes, each representing a pack of information about the vehicle. 

You can understand each character in the following ways:

  • 1st Character – The place of manufacturing of the vehicle. It is generally the country code where the manufacturing unit is located. 
  • 2nd Character – The manufacturer of the vehicle.
  • 3rd Character – The type or division of vehicle.
  • 4th to 8th Character – The portrait of the vehicle, that is vehicle’s brand, body style, type and style of engine, its model or series, etc. 
  • 9th Character – Security code to verify that the vehicle is authorised by the manufacturer. 
  • 10th Character – A code representing the model year of the car.
  • 11th Character – The plant in which the vehicle is assembled.
  • Last 6 Characters – The serial number or production number of the vehicle. 

It takes a lot of study and analysis to read and understand the VIN number. Hence, checking through the BMW VIN decoder is a better yet effective way. 

Where to Find It?

The vehicle manufacturer embosses the VIN number plate in different areas of the vehicle. You can conveniently discover it in any of the following places: 

  • The lower left-hand side of the dashboard when sitting on the driver seat.
  • On the front of the engine block
  • Front of the car frame
  • Under the spare tire
  • On the driver side doorpost
  • Inside the driver-side door jam
  • In the rear wheel well of the driver side
  • On the ownership letter
  • On the licence paper
  • The Insurance certificate
  • On any other important documents of the vehicle.

You can find the VIN number in any of these places and start reading or decoding it for extracting the desired information out of it. 

This will help you understand the history of the vehicle and get an idea of whether the vehicle has a good history or not. You will get to know the specification of the vehicle and understand if it is good for you or not. 

You can even identify if the vehicle has the original parts or any of them is replaced due to any reason. If the parts are replaced, you need to know which all are replaced. And most importantly, what was the reason for the replacement of those vehicle parts. 

You can even find out details about the matching parts of the vehicle and much more information. 

End Notes

The QR code of the vehicle, that is, the VIN number, is the most important code to help you know details about the vehicle. The full-fledged report of the VIN search provides a full analysis of the vehicle, including a piece of in-detailed information about the vehicle.

This reading and decoding of the VIN number will help you know the accurate picture of the vehicle. Afterwards, you can decide upon if you want to buy a particular vehicle or not. 

As a buyer, you need to make a fair judgement while purchasing a vehicle. The seller might or might not tell you all the information about the vehicle. Or the person might not be telling the truth or hiding the reality about anything related to the vehicle.

A VIN lookup is the solution to this issue, and the BMW VIN decoder is the best option for searching the VIN number and getting a full analysis of the vehicle. With this, you will get a clear picture of the car.