How to Convert PDF Files to Other Formats?

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When working in a business or other types of organizations, there will be times when different types of documentation will be required to accomplish specific tasks. Often those are Microsoft Word documents or even a Google Doc; however, there are times when a PDF is needed. While there are many ways to edit a PDF file for personal or business use, there are also instances where it is necessary to take another document and convert it to another type. For example, sometimes someone might need to take a Microsoft Word document and convert to PDF files as their place of work might require documents to be saved in this way. Being able to convert documents gives you the ability to work with many different types of documents and arrange them in the proper format.

Although there are some obvious uses to being able to convert file types, why is it so important? Can’t someone just make the file in what format they want from the very beginning? Well to answer that, the reason it is important is that because it is often the case that a project might require information from several different documents and some of these could be from different file types. So it is not always the case that it should be only about the making of a file but also taking another premade file and converting it. There are many reasons why you might need to convert a file type from one to another and the conversion of files into a PDF format is one of the most common due to the prevalence of PDF files in the business and academic world.

Convert a Google Doc to a PDF

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One of the most popular word processing programs available now is Google Docs which is a great tool for people to be able to write their content and share it with others. The advantage of Google Docs does not end there as you can change the nature of the link being sent to others to either receive a viewable version or an editable one. While Google Docs is a great way to write, it has limits. Not everyone uses it for one and also when thinking about eventually printing a document or making a contract or some other type of documentation then you might need to convert the Google Doc into a PDF so that it can be shared in alternative ways.

The good news is that compared to other file conversions, converting a Google Doc into a PDF is very easy and there are only a few steps involved. Firstly, just open your Google Doc document and make sure it is the correct version. You should seek out and choose the print button and from there you will be prompted with a few options such as the destination. Then you will be given the option from a drop-down menu to save as a PDF. Now your PDF has been converted and you can work on it from a PDF editor from there. There is an additional one though. If you are using Google Drive, you can simply go to your files saved there, select the file you need, and choose “download as”, and after selecting PDF it will be converted to a PDF. If you are using a PDF editing service such as Lumin PDF then this process of conversion is very simple and you can quickly convert document types and get to work on your new PDF file.

When Should You Use PDF?

Depending on what industry or job you have, there are many possible times when it would be useful to use a PDF. If you are a teacher, you can use PDFs as lesson plans, syllabi, homework, or even exams. In a business of course there are always uses for PDFs. If your company works with contracts or clients to whom you need to send invoices, then a PDF is probably the best way to go about this. In addition to this, there are many other industries that rely on PDFs as their primary documentation method. This is why being able to convert a document to a PDF is not only a great skill but also a necessary one.

Also in regards to PDFs, there are some functions that they can do that other document types can’t. For example, a word file can be edited by anyone without as much security as a PDF file. A PDF can be password protected and has more control over who can make changes. Besides the security element, the PDF can be edited in different ways compared to other document types. If you have a stylus, a PDF can be drawn on and shared live with others over mediums such as Google Drive. There are many times when PDFs are more useful than other document types.

What Are the Benefits of a PDF file?

The overall utility of PDF files is well demonstrated. As mentioned there are just more tools offered by PDFs than other document types. Also, there are a lot of pre-made templates for PDFs. These templates can be very useful for a variety of businesses and organizations. There are invoices, contract templates, business plans, and many others. This is a great advantage in using PDFs since these ready-made fillable PDF templates can be edited from a PDF editing service and then sent out without having to convert them.

Lastly, the functionality of PDFs is ultimately what makes them the preferred document type. The biggest advantage of PDFs is its ability to be diverse. The fact that they can so easily be converted, merged, split, edited, and share through so many different types of mediums. Regardless if you want to convert a Word file to a PDF or a PDF file into a Google Doc or the other way around, it is possible to do so. And this multi-purpose aspect is a key reason why PDFs are so widely used by so many people around the world.

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