How to Convert Office Document to a PDF?

If you are interested in converting word to pdf, then you have landed on the right page. In this brief post, we would tell you about the different tools and techniques that can be used to convert word to pdf and that too for free.

 Before we tell you about the right tools that can help you with this conversion, we would like you to read some of the common reasons you need to convert word to pdf.

  • Word files are not secure and can be tampered with. If you want to share sensitive content, then you should convert word to pdf.
  • Word files are twice the size if compared to PDF format. If you are going low on storage space, you should convert word to pdf and free up some space.
  • The format of word files keeps on changing on different versions and operating systems. On the other hand, the PDF format is a universal one, and it would not be affected no matter where you open it.
  • PDF format is a professional one, and the majority of offices would prefer that you share files in this format. So, converting word or other office formats to pdf is best for professional and security reasons. PDF files can also be secured with a proper passcode.

Now that you know some of the common reasons for the word to pdf conversion, we would like you to know how you can change the format.

Change Word to PDF using Office Saving options

The first way that we would like you to know is the manual one. You do not need any internet connection or support tool for this conversion. It would help if you opened the word or office file that you want to convert, and after opening it, you have to get onto the ‘save as’ menu. You would get different saving options; using these options, you can set the format to pdf and save the file again in a different location. You can, later on, delete the office format if you want to. This method is no doubt easy but is very time taking, so people do not use it.

Below are some of the online word to pdf converter tools that can help you quickly and unlimited word to pdf conversions.

Word to PDF converter by

The word to pdf converter by is a relatively new service offered by this website. Still, in a noticeably short amount of time, it has become among the most reliable online tool available for its users. This doc to pdf online is extremely easy to use and free. You have to open this free word to pdf tool on your browser and convert from doc to pdf by uploading word files from your local or cloud storage. This online word to pdf converter automatically starts the conversion process and presents you with the new pdf file in few seconds.

Word to PDF converter by SmallSEOTools

The word to PDF converter tool by Smallseotools is also a reliable tool for converting docs to pdf. Just like other free online tools offered by this utility website, this one is also reliable. This is a cloud-based service, so you do not have to worry about downloading or installing it. The tool works perfectly fine on every operating system and device that you can have. It would help if you had an internet connection and basic knowledge of the internet to run this tool. The tool’s working process is quite similar to the tool mentioned above, and you can make unlimited conversions in a single day with this tool!

Word to PDF converter by SearchEngineReports

The word to pdf converter tool by SearchEngineReports is another online based tool that can help you convert word files to pdf. SER also has other tools that can help you convert other office formats to PDF. This particular tool is also free to use and quite simple in its existence; the tool has the most understandable interface that you can find online. You do not need to register yourself with the tool to run it. Just open it and start converting files.

Word to PDF converter by Duplichecker

If you want to convert the word files that are present online to pdf without downloading them, this is the perfect tool. Like all other converter tools in this list, this one is also free and easy to use. An interesting feature of this utility is that it can help you convert files by just using the file’s link. The end pdf files produced by the tool are very accurate, so you should try it out.

All the converter tools in this list are reliable and convert the word files to pdf by keeping intact their styles and structure!