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How to Compress a PDF Without Adobe [A FREE Solution]

PDF has definitely been the most frequently-used file format in the workplace and at school. However, it can sometimes be too large to send via email, which results in great inconvenience, even if you use a PDF Drive. Therefore, you’d better know how to compress a PDF for free if you have frequent interactions with it. Much as Adobe Acrobat will be the first option when it comes to this request, I believe many of you are looking for its alternatives. Today, we will introduce you to a free solution to compressing a PDF without Adobe–WorkinTool PDF Converter

An Overview Introduction

WorkinTool PDF Converter is the most valued product of WorkinTool software family. Released in the market last year, it quickly became a dark horse in this competitive area. It wins its wide recognition by its lightweight and simple interface, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it. Besides, with WorkinTool PDF converter on your PC, you will have almost all the essential PDF tools as it boasts the following features:

Convert from/to PDFTool BOXView & Edit
PDF to WordMerge PDFRead PDF
Word to PDFSplit PDFEdit PDF
Excel to PDFRemove PagesAdd Text to PDFAdd Sticky Notes to PDFHighlight in PDFInsert Images into PDFSign PDFResize PDF
PDF to ExcelAdd Watermark
PDF to PPTCompress PDF
PPT to PDFProtect PDF
PDF to JPGUnlock PDF
Image to PDFRotate Pages
PDF to HTMLAdd Page Numbers

For most of these features, it takes you only three steps to export the desired outcome, which effectively enhances your working efficiency.

Additionally, WorkinTool PDF Converter is completely FREE for users currently. All its features are accessible without a license payment and compulsory registration. Meanwhile, though it is freeware, there will be no ads involved in your conversion or editing and no intrusive watermark added to your output. Hence, it is a suitable replacement for Adobe Acrobat.

Here is some specific information for your reference:

Price: 100% FREE

Supported OS: Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7.

Online Version: Yes (WorkinTool free online PDF Converter)

Our Verdict
Reasons for Having ItReasons for Declining It
Lightweight and simple interfaceMultiple powerful PDF featuresEasy conversion and editing processBatch processing availableHigh-quality output100% free currentlyGuaranteed data privacy and information securityLimited supported OSLimited supported image formats

How to Compress a PDF Without Losing Quality by WorkinTool

Reducing the size of a PDF through WorkinTool PDF Converter (desktop version) is as easy as ABC. Only three steps will assist you in completing this task and the output will be exported without losing quality.

How to shrink PDF file size via WorkinTool PDF Converter?

(First of all, you need to download and install WorkinTool PDF Converter.)

 Open the tool, find Tool BOX > Compress PDF, and click Select PDF file to upload your file.

Choose the compression mode, change the save path and then hit Convert.

Click Open file to retrieve your compressed file(s).


Two default compression modes are optional:

Normal Compression: It allows you to reduce your PDF file size to a reasonable extent without losing quality.

Extreme Compression: It will compress your PDF to the smallest size with the slightest sacrifice of the original quality. 

WorkinTool supports batch compression. Therefore, you save the cumbersome processing of compressing your multiple PDF files one by one.

Here is the result.

How to Compress a PDF Online for FREE with WorkinTool?

If you are unwilling to download and install an offline tool on your PC, an online PDF converter is definitely a helpful way. You can resort to WorkinTool’s free online PDF converter to shrink your PDF file size. 

How to reduce PDF file size with WorkinTool free online PDF converter?

Open WorkinTool and find Additional Features > Compress PDF.

Click the + icon to upload your file or drag it here.

Select the compression mode and press the Convert tab.

Click Download to get your shrunk file. 

Please see the result here.


WorkinTool free online PDF converter is equipped with the same two compression modes as its desktop version. You can choose any of them based on your compression needs.

Batch processing is also available in WorkinTool online version. You don’t need to worry about the reduction of multiple file sizes.

Something More to Say

Desktop PDF Software vs An Online PDF Converter

FeaturesWorkinTool Desktop VersionWorkinTool Online Version
InterfaceLightweight and easySimple and convenient
Internet AccessNoYes
Download & InstallationYesNo
Price100% FreeFree
Import & Export SpeedInstantFast but unstable (depend on the file size and internet status)
Compression Modes2 (Normal and Extreme Compression)2 (Normal and Extreme Compression)
Export StatusDirectly exported to PCDownload required
OutputHigh quality without any intrusive watermarkHigh quality without any intrusive watermark
SecurityGuaranteed data privacy and information securityHigh-level security
LimitsNoYes (File size and numbers)

Final Thought

How to compress a PDF will no longer be a tough question if you have a proper solution at hand. You don’t have to use Adobe Acrobat whenever you need to reduce the size of your PDF files. It is strongly recommended to give WorkinTool PDF converter a try. It is easy to use, practical, safe and 100% free. Besides, it provides both desktop PDF software and an online PDF converter to meet your different needs. 

Now, are you prepared to try WorkinTool PDF Converter?  

What do you think?

Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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