How to clean and maintain your carpet

Carpets add refinement to the view of your house. They provide coziness to feet when we walk on them. We might say carpets are as expensive as they are magnificent.

We have to keep certain things in mind while maintaining the carpets. Otherwise, they can get rustic and patchy sooner than we can imagine. They can also exude a very uncomfortable odor in your house if left uncared for. 

People are clueless about cleaning the carpets. To make the matter worse, they accentuate the problem by cleaning the carpet without any knowledge.

But you can deal with this issue by following the steps that I am laying out below:

Get good quality doormats for the main entrance

We often carry lots of dirt on shoes from outside. And enter the house without cleaning them properly. Our shoes travel to different places picking up the varieties of the dirt on them, if those dirt-stuck shoes enter our homes, they not only bring the dirt and expose us to the varieties of diseases. 

Carpets are designed to attract the dirt, if you step on the carpet with your shoes put on, dirt will likely get transferred to the carpet. 

However, if you place a good doormat at the main entrance that can remove the dirt from your shoes, then it will be a big favour to your carpet as well as to your health. 

Keep the common sources of stains away

Avoid bringing the items that are the cause of the stains near your carpets. If the items are on the carpet, they can likely spill out on the carpet at any time. Use and keep the items away from the carpet. 

Children are more prone to staining the carpets, therefore, you can keep items out of their reach. 

Clean the stains right away

The longer the stain or spill rests on the carpets, the harder it will become for you to clean them later. Because stains are fresh and they have not gone deeper and they are still on the surface, with time, they will get dried up there, making it harder to clean them later. 

Make sure you get to the task as soon as a stain is split on the carpet. And remember, different material and types of stains need different clean-up methods, so keep in mind you are using the right solution for your carpets. 

Vacuum twice a week

If you want to keep your carpet clean, consider vacuuming your carpet twice a week. 

While vacuuming, you need to keep the frequency of the vacuum cleaner in mind. If an area receives the maximum foot traffic, consider wielding the vacuum over the spot around 8-12 times. You should vacuum in all directions to keep the dirt out. If you think you can not get up to the task of vacuuming twice a week, you must go for the robot vacuum to make your work easier. You can refer to the Dreame T10 to buy the best quality and most advanced vacuum cleaners. 

Clean the carpet manually

Sometimes stains are so tough that they don’t go away by vacuuming. You can try to remove them by cleaning them manually. You can use various solutions such as cornmeal, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, alcohol, baking soda, cinnamon etc to clean the carpet and keep them away from the mold. 

Get professional help annually to clean the carpet

Last but not the least, to keep your carpet clean, you must seek professional help from time to time. No matter how cautious you are about cleaning the carpets, you can not perform like professionals. It is a wise thing to do to seek the help of a professional to get your carpet cleaned. Because improper methods of cleaning can cause dirt and make the carpet rough. 

Carpets are very expensive things, you expect them to last longer and continue to keep your house glaring. Like everything else, they also need the proper caring and attention to remain fresh.