How to Choose the Best Wedding Entertainment for Your Big Day

A wedding is supposed to be one of the most memorable days in your life. If you’re worried about the reception and how it will go down, that can add unnecessary stress and anxiety to an already stressful situation. 

One way to solve this problem is by hiring entertainment professionals to help you pull off your event flawlessly. For more information about these professionals, check them out at

Here are some ways how to choose the best wedding entertainment for your big day, read on!

Finding the right company

If you’re a bride and groom, you’ve probably spent many days scouring the Internet in search of just the right wedding entertainment company. With so many entertainment companies out there, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for your event. 

Researching your options

Do some research on various wedding service providers before signing anything. Ask around and read reviews from previous clients. Make sure this is the best option based on other peoples’ opinions or do more research before committing. 

Understanding what’s included in your package

The two most important questions you need to ask yourself when planning your wedding are how many people will be attending and what kind of music you want to be played. 

The next question you need to ask yourself is how many hours are included in the entertainment package? Does this price include an MC? Will he or she take requests from the audience? Do they have enough sound equipment, such as microphones and speakers, or do they need to rent these as well?

Reading customer reviews of popular entertainers

For a lot of people, deciding on what kind of wedding entertainment is best can be tough. Remember that not every entertainer will appeal to every person and you may want your guests entertained in different ways throughout the night so make sure you consider the crowd and desired atmosphere. Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding on what type of wedding entertainment is best for you: 

  • Is this an outdoor or indoor event? 
  • Do I have time constraints?
  • Will there be alcohol served? 
  • Will there be children present at this event? 
  • Do I want a band, DJ, or solo artist? 
  • What size is my budget?

Knowing what you need on your big day

Start by identifying what your budget is and what you need on your big day. For example, if you’re looking for live music, do you want a string quartet or a rock band? If it’s a DJ, will they be providing enough lighting and uplighting? Are you also interested in getting a dance floor so guests can cut loose? 

Find someone who meets all of your criteria. Request quotes from two-three planners before choosing one. Not only will this help you determine how much pricing fluctuates across different providers, but it’ll also let you see how one planner stacks up against another. Lastly, get feedback!

Setting up a meeting with a potential DJ or band provider

It’s never too early to start searching. Getting a head start can prevent you from being limited by availability later on. Plus, the sooner you find the right entertainment, the more time they’ll have to help customize your day. 

Start by deciding on a budget and genre of music you’d like them to play (or a song list). Are there certain must-plays or songs that are non-negotiable? There are lots of factors that go into choosing a DJ or band, so it may take some research before finally finding the one.

Comparing services before booking

Every wedding is different, so before you hire someone, it’s important to ask some key questions. 

  • What style of music do you want? 
  • What kind of entertainer are you looking for (i.e. DJ, live musician, MC)? 
  • Who will be in charge of coordinating with your entertainment? 
  • Are there any song lyrics that might not work with your theme/ceremony? 
  • With whom do you speak in person or by phone first when booking this service? 

You’ll have a better chance of getting what you want if both parties are on the same page and know exactly what the other wants ahead of time. And don’t be afraid to shop around and ask different companies questions!

Organizing an effective sit-down dinner with music if there isn’t a band playing throughout the reception.

Music has a large impact on your guests’ experience. Different genres and styles will create different types of atmospheres and vibes. If you don’t have a band playing throughout the reception, you may want to select some type of orchestral background music for dinner. 

Slow instrumental music can create an elegant and romantic feel that would be perfect for everyone at your wedding table. You should try avoiding songs with lyrics because they may interrupt conversations. 

Music with a mellow beat is best when it comes to hosting formal gatherings where guests are seated at tables as opposed to cocktail-style receptions where guests stand around talking and moving about freely.

Avoid DIY entertainment at all costs!

If you’re getting married and are on a budget, you’ll need to get creative when it comes to planning your wedding. There are a lot of DIY activities that are perfect for saving money like making your bouquet, but one thing you should never try is entertainment. 

Most people don’t know how easy it is to be scammed when booking an entertainer and if you’re relying on someone else’s talent you run the risk of wasting money on something that doesn’t deliver what it promises. 


All weddings are different. Sometimes, weddings are all about ambiance and artistry. Sometimes, they’re all about style and grace. No matter what’s most important for you and your partner, getting entertainment that will be best for your special day is the most important part of planning any wedding celebration. Choosing wedding entertainment is more than just choosing what will get people dancing at your reception!