Your home-office (WFH) ergonomic chair should have seven basic comforting attributes 

How often do we get swayed by a seemingly comfortable chair and bring it to our home-office? The chair looks good, it rests on bent legs which appear flexible too. The chair also boasts armrests, and we’re convinced that this is exactly what we were looking for. But this is the catch. Once we start using it, we realise that we never evaluated the chair on ‘actual ergonomic’ grounds. Wait a second. Actual Ergonomics! What’s that?

Ironically, the term ‘ergonomics’ is inhaled and exhaled every minute at the professional front nowadays. In fact, it has become a gimmick of sorts, and people fall for the trap. But we should keep in mind that ergonomics is too noble a term to be used to coax people. True ergonomics implies compassion, care, and comfort for regular office employees and work-from-home-office (WFH) professionals. It encompasses naturally prescribed physical and mental well-being. And one of the best exponents of office and WFH ergonomics is an ergonomic chair.    

An ergonomic homeworking chair is one that allows you to maintain a good posture; eradicate back aches; provides ample space for arms and wrists; has a deep-seated cushion-padding; easy swivel; and visual appeal. Like all ergonomic furniture variants, a homeworking ergonomic chair is designed to uplift your morale and productivity.

Let’s look at these features in detail.

7 essential features of an ergonomic homeworking chair

Height adjustment

A good ergonomic WFH chair should be standing desks for users of different heights, shapes, and sizes. Ideally, a good ergonomic chair can be adjusted to a height of up to 20 inches. This feature not only fosters a good posture, but also allows the knees to bent appropriately, while the feet can easily be rested on the ground.

Lumbar support

Lumbar (lower back) support is an integral feature of a good ergonomic homeworking chair. It keeps the lower back and spine in the natural “S” curve. It’s ideal fodder for a healthy back, and bolsters mood and productivity.

Adjustable armrests

Your wrists and forearms deserve equal care as your spine and back. That’s why you should opt for an ergonomic homeworking chair that’s fitted with adjustable armrests. Ideally, the armrests should allow the arms to be bent at an angle of 90°. 

Adjustable backrest

A defining feature of a good WFH ergonomic chair, the backrest should be up to 20 inches wide. The user should easily be able to recline backward or forward. Moreover, a good backrest comes with a locking mechanism. Once locked, it stays in a particular position.

Deep-seated cushion pads

Even a homeworking professional spends prolonged hours sitting at the workstation. That’s why, it’s imperative that your WFH ergonomic chair has deep-seated cushions that can sustain the thrust of a prolonged perch without wear and tear.

Five-wheeled support and swivel

You would never want to ignore this aspect because a wheeled homeworking chair is the brainchild of none other than Charles Darwin. When it’s fitted with five wheels, it becomes stronger at the base; gains more motility; and allows easy swivel. The five legs distribute the weight of the users equally. A five-wheeled WFH chair is very safe to move around while you’re perched.

Aesthetic Appeal 

This depends on the WFH ergonomic chair’s upholstery. Leather and vinyl chairs look very elegant and sophisticated, while mesh chairs are quite minimalistic. It depends on how you perceive aesthetic appeal. The visual delight not only adds elegance to the home-office but also bolsters the mood of the working professionals.


As we have seen, not every chair that appears comfortable to the naked eye could be termed as ‘ergonomic’. You have to analyse it on the basis of various criteria. What you should bear in mind is the fact that an ergonomic homeworking chair should be a worthwhile investment as well. It should foster savings in the form of negated furniture replacement costs, reduced medical bills, and diminished repairs and maintenance. If you’re a WFH professional entrusted with bucketloads of tasks, then a good ergonomic chair is all that you need. Grab it to excel at your home-office!  

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