How to Choose Outdoor Lock for Burglary Protection?

How to Choose Outdoor Lock for Burglary Protection?

Do you need a weatherproof door lock for coastal areas? Do you need one that secures your Home? Do you need one that protects your factory? premises from burglary? Do you own a fitness studio and would like to give new? customers a padlock to sign a contract for the locker?

For a well-secured house door, we recommend high-quality door cylinders with good burglary protection and optionally with a security card, as well as tested security striking plates with wall anchors, stable mortise locks, and protective fittings with pulling protection.

The basic mechanical protection is achieved through the professional installation of an additional door lock such as an armored bolt lock or an additional door lock and hinge side guards. Sufficient stability of the door construction is a requirement.

You should consider some things : 

  • Additional door locks
  • Armored bolt
  • Security fittings
  • Mortise locks
  • Striking plates
  • Door opener
  • Door intercom systems
  • Door bar lock
  • Door closer
  • Protective rosettes
  • Door chains
  • Peepholes
  • Fastening technology
  • Hinge side safeguards

Better safe than sorry

Burglary protection for the entrance: additional door locks secure house and apartment doors.

How do intruders get into houses and apartments? Exactly: You first try to break open house and apartment doors or easily accessible windows.

The police crime statistics of the federal states and the federal government have shown for years that security technology works: with doors and windows that are secured with additional locks, burglars give up more quickly and move on. So, it stays with a mere break-in attempt.

You should therefore secure your front door with additional door locks. Depending on which door model you have installed or which additional functions the security should have; you can choose between different options.


Secure doors against break-in

Burglars have an easy job with an unsecured door. A security fitting is a good start to secure a house or apartment door.

A security fitting, with a mortise lock and a door cylinder, forms the basic protection that every house or apartment door should have. It is screwed on from the inside so that no screws are visible from the outside.

At the same time, the security fitting is flush with the door cylinder, which is why it does not protrude? This protects the door cylinder from being broken off and pulled out. Protective rosettes are a good alternative wherever door

fittings cannot be attached or where it doesn’t look good.


What type of locks are the most recommended for your house?

There are many types of locks in the marketplace. Which is better for me. How to choose it. We have listed some smart outdoor locks.

Cylindrical or European profile locks

  • Mortise or recessed locks
  • Rim locks
  • Tubular locks
  • Multipoint Locks
  • Electronic or digital locks

Changing the door lock – what should be considered?    

With frequent use, door locks like common mortise locks wear out. The lock begins to hook, jams, or cannot be opened and closed at all. You should replace the door lock in good time to keep using the door smoothly. Also, you save yourself an expensive locksmith and keep your home safe.

Door locks are available in different designs for locks for interior, apartment, and house doors. Simple tumble locks are usually used for doors inside the apartment. House and apartment doors have tubular frame locks, mortise locks, security locks, or self-locking locks.


The true fact is , a burglar can be determined to beat any door lock . So, adding a home security system with monitor or camera system is the ultimate solution for preventing burglary.

If you are looking for the best door lock for your security purpose, visit our full guide to choose best door lock.