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In recent years, technology has become a significant part of the business sector, as companies rapidly shift to the digital market and store their data assets digitally. While this has improved business operations and growth, at the same time, cybercrime has evolved into a real threat for businesses. After all, today’s tech-driven business sector is the ideal place for cybercriminals to steal and destroy valuable data, costing companies a fortune while degrading their reputation. But fortunately, choosing the right security solutions for your business can help you prevent cyberattacks effectively. However, considering the vastness of the cybersecurity market, doing so can be challenging as there are simply too many security solutions. It’s easy to be left scratching your head. If you’re stuck in a similar situation, here are some things to consider while choosing a cybersecurity solution for your business to keep it safe and secure.

Know your threats

To start narrowing down the list of cybersecurity solutions, you need to understand the cyber threats your business might face. Doing so is not only important to find the best solution but also to save money. You don’t want to end up emptying your wallet on numerous unnecessary cybersecurity services. Instead, your goal should be to choose targeted solutions. So, to identify your threats, consider what type of business you run. Each industry faces its own set of cyberattacks and security issues. Moreover, you can also find out threats by considering the cyberattacks you have faced previously. Once you’ve identified your threats, you can divide them into three categories, internal, external, and partner, and focus on solutions for the most significant threat category.

However, even after doing so, you may not be able to identify all your threats. Cybercriminals work in clever ways, attacking companies in countless different ways. But if you gain an advanced degree in cyberpsychology, you can anticipate and understand the threats you might face. More importantly, it will allow you to think like a cybercriminal and find the exact security solutions you need. So, make sure to pursue a Master’s in cyberpsychology and protect your business from crime.

Consider accessibility

Suppose you’ve found a targeted solution for your cybersecurity threats. In that case, you still need to ensure the company providing the solution is accessible at all times. Getting services from an inaccessible or unresponsive company can result in major damage to your business. After all, accidents can occur, and your cybersecurity solution may sometimes malfunction. What’s more concerning is that cybercriminals never miss the opportunity to attack companies in a vulnerable state. It’s not surprising that 76% of ransomware attacks occur after working hours.

In contrast, a responsive company can help you get the right support and prevent a cyber attack effectively if your cybersecurity solutions fail before it’s too late. So, to consider the accessibility of your cybersecurity solution provider, you need to ensure they have enough endpoints to take care of your company’s needs. Endpoint refers to the computer connected to your company’s systems. Moreover, it’s equally important to ensure your cybersecurity solution comes with an uninterrupted and immediate incident response service.

Conduct tests

Even if everything looks perfect on paper, it might not perform effectively under real-world circumstances. 62% of business security solutions have medium and critical vulnerabilities. Therefore, it’s crucial to put your cybersecurity solution through tests to ensure its effectiveness. Don’t mistake trusting marketing and see what your cybersecurity solution can do for yourself.

Hiring an ethical hacker is one of the best ways to conduct tests on cybersecurity services. These professionals know how to think like a cybercriminal and find security gaps to harm your company. However, if you can’t hire an ethical hacker, you can ask your cybersecurity solution provider to conduct tests for you. A reliable cybersecurity solution provider will never deny this request. However, it’s important to conduct several of them regarding testing. A single security test result is not enough to help you find the best cybersecurity solution. But the variety of tests must be given equal importance alongside quantity. 

Check certification

You can’t be certain about choosing a cybersecurity solution until you have checked its certification. Even if everything seems to go well in tests, it’s crucial to ensure the right certification to protect your company effectively. Most reliable cybersecurity solution providers use regulated security frameworks that provide them with the right guidelines, rules, and techniques to handle business security. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a well-known security framework that you can look for while choosing a cybersecurity solution.

Additionally, you can also check if the cybersecurity professionals employed by your security solution provider have the right qualifications and certificates to protect your company. But more importantly, you must see whether or not your cybersecurity solution provider is compliant with information privacy acts. Furthermore, it’s equally important to review the cybersecurity services contract to get an idea about legal certifications and service issues you may not have spotted before.


Cyber security has become critical for the survival of companies in our modern age, given the rising number of cybercrime incidents. Your business’s data assets are completely vulnerable without effective cybersecurity solutions, putting your business at great risk. So, understand how to choose the right cybersecurity solution by following the ways mentioned above and creating a secure future for your business.

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