How to Buy The Right Incontinence Pads in 2023

How to Buy The Right Incontinence Pads in 2023

Body shapes, lifestyles, and age change over time. As these changes happen, so do the needs of incontinence. Delicate problems require delicate solutions — so you need to choose your incontinence pads carefully. You can learn more about ostomy products and incontinence on the blog.

How Incontinence Pads Work

About the same way regular pads and diapers do. A pad is lined with absorbent material, which wicks moisture off of the skin and keeps it moist, preventing contact between the skin and the pad. If you don’t get wet or sweat, your skin can breathe again. It’s like a little plastic bag with a hole in it — but unlike a plastic bag, you can change its wetness level by fastening or loosening the Velcro strap that holds it in place on your undergarments.

3 Types of Incontinence Pads

Cloth or disposable? That’s not the only question to ask these days. There are three types of incontinence pads available, each with its own merits and drawbacks:

  • Cloth;
  • Disposable;
  • Reusable cloth.

Cloth Pads

Cloth pads are cheap and environmentally friendly, but they take effort to clean and can get stinky. It’s a blast-from-the-past options that you barely can find nowadays (and if you manage to — it’s probably not the best choice.

Disposable Pads

Disposable pads offer convenience, but they cost extra and can leak. , even though they have a built-in leak guard. It’s a more modern and high-tech version of the diaper system, used mostly for incontinence protection for accidents, nursing moms, and those with certain medical conditions.

Reusable Cloth Pads

Reusable cloth pads are the happy medium. They’re more expensive than disposable pads, but they can be cleaned and reused over and over again. They require a little more effort to clean than regular pads, but after you get the hang of it, it’s really not that bad at all. It takes longer to dry them in the dryer or on the clothesline — so if you use both of those options for washing your dirty clothes, then you will run into some extra time spent drying them out.

Best Adult Incontinence Pads in Canada?

Incontinence pads are a very personal choice. If you’re looking for the best adult incontinence pads or incontinence aid in Canada, there are many options to choose from — and it can be a daunting task to narrow down your choices. Here’s how you can choose the best adult incontinence pad for yourself:

Briefly look at the image on each product

You want to see the size, color, style and material of the pad. Then compare that to what you’re hoping to accomplish with your purchase. Check for reviews of different brands and models on Investigate better products that are a little more out of the box (you might never come across those choices again).

Check the Reviews

Aside from the appearance, you need to find a product that is easy to use, washable and cost-effective. No brand will ever tell you that they’re not cost-effective, but their customers gladly will. Pay attention to the details: for example, too much airflow would be unsanitary or uncomfortable for some people with certain medical conditions, such as heart valve disorders or neurological issues.

Compare the Prices.

Price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor, but it is an important one. Compare the prices between different brands and manufacturers. The same pads can cost a fortune in one shop — and be more than affordable in another. It’s a chaotic market, and since your daily comfort is at stake (or the daily comfort of your loved ones) — take it as a challenge. Don’t spend less time on research than you would if you had to buy a new phone.

Decide on the Protective Value.

Some people are satisfied with how much their incontinence pads cover; others want more coverage. If you want to protect your entire underwear, you need to look for something with a larger size (or get creative).

How Do You Know Which Size to Choose?

Get your age and weight in mind when buying adult incontinence pads. The wrong size can be an annoyance and a potential health hazard, depending on the severity of your incontinence problem. If you’re sure that you can manage with it, go ahead and get the proper size. However, if you’re buying for a younger person with a smaller body frame, make sure you select an adult pad for them as well.

You can keep a sanitary pad in place by fastening the Velcro strap on your undergarments. More modern incontinence pads have plastic leak guards to prevent them from moving or shifting around. 

Final Word

Make sure you know your options, and consult with a medical professional if you need extra help selecting the right incontinence pads for yourself or a loved one. Don’t delay the delicate matter. The faster you get used to it — the less stress you get. 

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