CBD edibles are the friendliest method of taking CBD for both beginners and regular consumers, allowing them to enjoy the numerous medical and recreational benefits of CBD. With the best collection of edibles like cookies, best CBD gummies, candies, chocolates, and even beverages, there is an increased demand for these CBD products.

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Many investors are joining the industry to meet the market demand and make profits. But along with them come unscrupulous vendors who are out to extort the online buyers. They make it difficult for consumers to know the best quality CBD edibles online.

Fortunately, there are red flags that can save you from the loss. If you are a consumer and wonder how to pick the best hemp edibles online, below are some factors to guide you for a better shopping experience.

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5 Things  to Consider When Buying CBD Edibles Online

Go for Transparent Vendors

The transparency of the CBD edibles vendor tells a lot about them. Buyers should ensure that the seller they consider buying from discloses essential details such as the hemp plant’s source. The best hemp plants are from the US and Canada, where their growth and production is regulated to ensure it’s safe for consumption.

If the brand is not open on the hemp plant’s source, it might be of low quality, not suitable for consumption. Low-quality hemp plants may contain harmful chemicals and pesticides to the consumer.

Check Potency

All CBD products have a regulation of below 0.3% THC to minimize the psychoactive effects.” An ideal seller should indicate the level of concentration of THC and CBD in the CBD edibles. Knowing the level of potency, for instance, could help a consumer with an upcoming drug test to avoid edibles with THC.

Besides knowing the THC level, consumers need to know any other ingredients that affect the quality. Doing so helps customers know what to expect after consuming the products. You don’t want to buy a product that is too strong for your body tolerance.

Third-Party Lab Results

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Requesting a certificate of analysis from the online store for CBD edibles is very crucial. The certificate lists percentages of all cannabinoids present, solvents used, and any contaminants present that could be harmful to consumers.

The certificate should be from a third-party testing lab, preferably an ISO lab, and not from the manufacturer. If a business cannot make third-party lab results available to their customers, it means they probably did not pass the tests, or the products were never tested, which could be very dangerous to consumers.

Check Ingredients Used

Sometimes, CBD edibles have other additives, natural or artificial, to add to their flavor and preservation. To make sure you get quality CBD edibles, go for products that list down other ingredients present. With that data, it is easier to note an element that you are allergic to before purchasing, avoid that product, and replace it with another.

Type of CBD Used

There are three terminologies used to show CBD extract used, CBD isolates, broad and full-spectrum. Knowing which type was used to make the CBD in the edibles helps customers determine their quality before buying.

  • CBD isolate means the edibles contain pure CBD.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD means the edibles contain CBD and other cannabinoids such as terpenes and CBC.
  • Full-spectrum edibles contain CBD, other cannabinoids, and THC under 0.3%.

Pick CBD edibles made from the CBD type that fits your intended use.

Method of Extraction

When online stores indicate CBD extraction methods, consumers can know the quality of the edibles they purchase. There are three methods of extraction, CO2 extraction, Olive oil extraction, and solvent extraction.

The CO2 method is the purest but most expensive; it leaves no residues. The olive oil method is the best for edibles since the cannabinoids are soluble in oil convenient for edibles. The solvent extraction is not very healthy as it may leave harmful residues that consumers may end up consuming.

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Customer Service

When shopping online, always pay attention to customer service quality. Good customer service makes sure that your doubts are cleared, questions are answered, and that you are satisfied.

Customers should also have access to all the information they need concerning CBD edibles. You can know if the customer support is good by how responsive they are to your queries. Do they provide contact details? Those are some of the things to consider.


Since the legalization of hemp products in 2018, the demand for CBD edibles increases every day. But with many products available, consumers must exercise extra caution when shopping CBD edibles online.

The factors discussed above help you to determine the quality of edibles. If you keep these points in mind when buying online, finding a reliable seller and quality products becomes easier. You can now buy your CBD edibles with fewer worries and enjoy CBD’s beneficial effects.

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