How To Become An Organized & Connected Non-Profit Business With Salesforce

Survival is difficult for every business in the present era. However, the struggle becomes a little extra for non-profit organizations as they don’t have a huge capital to support. Despite that, nonprofit organizations can’t become lenient towards service delivery, business-customer relationships, and team collaborations.

They need to adopt technologies that are cost-effective and yet feature-rich. This is where Salesforce for non-profit solutions comes into being.  In this post, we will understand how this tool is helping non-profit businesses to achieve their goals without spending a huge sum, and it is a good idea to hire Salesforce developer for your upcoming project.

Salesforce for Nonprofits – Helping Nonprofit Businesses

As we all know, Salesforce is one of the most preferred and inventive CRM tools businesses of the modern era use to stay connected with customers and business associates. It’s a highly integrated tool with endless features. Therefore, it is always suggested to go for the best-in-class Salesforce data connect or Salesforce data export, if you’re a non- profit organization or a full-scale profit making company in any business vertical or domain.

Salesforce Nonprofit is an initiative that Salesforce took to support nonprofit businesses as they march ahead to fulfill their goals. It includes two solutions: Nonprofit CRM and Nonprofit Cloud.

Nonprofit CRM allows non profit organizations to communicate with clients, the community, supporters, funders, affiliates, and beneficiaries from a single point of contact.  Organizations can integrate communications happening at different levels.

  • Non-profit organizations can expand their contacts and reach to cultivate lifelong relationships with donors and fundraisers. 

  • It will help you fully customize the communication at every point in time.

  • It’s easy to build a long-term relationship with donors and the community using multi-channel campaigns.

  • It automates the entire fundraising effort, saving a lot of time and effort. 

  • It enables nonprofits to gain unmatched digital flexibility that will help them to seize every powerful opportunity.

  • It will bring every useful system together and provide a detailed overview of interactions happening across the team and community.

  • With nonprofit CRM, it’s easy for nonprofits to fully manage the program delivery. It doesn’t matter the kind of program you’re running, the CRM will integrate every program and guide the organization to measure the program’s impact as it moves.

  • The nonprofit cloud is a highly configurable solution that allows companies to connect and contact everything and everyone crucially.

  • Starting from streamlining the fundraising efforts to arranging the events, the nonprofit cloud is perhaps the most advanced Salesforce for a nonprofit solution.

  • Available at the leading application store, AppExchange, Nonprofit Cloud provides a wide range of applications and components that will assist nonprofit organizations in achieving their goals seamlessly.

  • It is backed by an extensive ecosystem of Salesforce partners, community members, customers, and a wealth of knowledge.

  • It features NPSP or Nonprofit Success Pack, which is the industry’s standard data architecture that is globally recognized and highly flexible.

Here are some of the key features offered by the Nonprofit cloud.

  • It features amazing device compatibility as it’s well-optimized for all the leading devices.
  • Data security is not at all compromised as data is highly secured by strong encryption and security controls. 
  • It comes with a powerful calendar & email mapping that will allow nonprofit organizations to track their fundraising efforts in real-time. 
  • It’s easy to generate personalized recommendations with the Nonprofit cloud as it directly provides donations and volunteering activities details in the dashboard.

Clearly, Salesforce for nonprofits is helping nonprofit organizations to have a better hold over funds and donors. There are many real-time success stories penned down by Salesforce for non-profits.  For instance, BuildOn managed to increase its online contribution with the Nonprofit cloud. Pencils of Promise managed to bag a grant of $25,000 in Guatemala.

Village Help for South Sudan (VHSS) is now able to track customers and solar power usage with Salesforce for nonprofits.

They All Are Doing Good; When You’re Doing 

Salesforce is a dependable name to take when it comes to streamlining key workflows. Salesforce for non-profits is an extensive CRM and cloud solution using which non-profit entities can easily communicate with everyone involved.  

As you plan to use Salesforce for nonprofits, you need the help of a Salesforce expert who knows the practical details of Salesforce. Such a professional will optimize the Nonprofit CRM and Cloud deployment and increase the output. Hence, you need to hire a skilled Salesforce developer that will ensure that Salesforce is working the way it should.

Go ahead! If you’re a non–profit organization and want to achieve organizational goals, Salesforce for nonprofits is the only viable solution. Take the help of a seasoned and Hire Salesforce developer and let the Salesforce of nonprofits work in full swing.

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