How to become a real estate agent in Montreal

A real estate agent is a professional adviser who connects both buyers and sellers together and facilitates real estate transactions. For this organized arrangement, they take a commission, which is a percentage of the selling price. The real estate agent is an attractive career for many young professionals. But, being a successful agent will take time and hard work. If you want to be a real estate agent, you must follow some steps. In this post, we will share the process of being a real estate agent in Montreal. Keep reading to learn more.

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Steps to be a real estate agent in Montreal

Understand the province’s requirements

When you go to the process, this is the first step. Each province and city has different licensing requirements. When you decide to work as a property agent in Montreal, know the requirements in detail. You will find sufficient information on your province’s real estate commission website. Before you admit a course, note down all requirements they are asking for. 

Admit a pre-licensing course

Without a license, you cannot be a real estate agent in Montreal. You have to pass the license exam before you get that. So, experts recommend admitting a real estate licensing course as preparation for sitting the exam. There are multiple real estate schools in Montreal. Search them on the internet and check out the total hours it takes to complete the course. The cost of the training may vary depending on the school.

Study for the exam

After accomplishing the course, you have to participate in the pre-licensing exam before the real one. If you admitted the course online, the exam likely would be taken online too. The exam idea is good because it removes your fear of the licensing exam. Study your materials in-depth and prepare for the best outcome.

Sitting for the licensing exam

In the course, you should gather all essential information about the exam schedule, registration, and the payment process. The exam is the compulsory part to have the license. The exam curriculum consists of usual real estate principles and the province’s specific laws. The question formation is mostly MCQ. Like your exam preparation, time allocation is crucial too. You have to pass each section separately. In case of failing a section, you can retake the exam as well. 

Activate your license

After you pass the exam, you are eligible to have a real estate agent license. You can apply and activate your license through the province’s real estate commission website. You have to provide the license activation fee during the procedure. 

Join a real estate agency

When you have a real estate agent license, this is high time to begin your journey. You can now join a real estate agency where you work under the supervision of a broker. Real estate agents are not paid hourly. The broker collects the transaction and pays an agent his percentage. You can check this image link to understand how it works. 

Being a real estate agent may seem complicated. But, these steps worth following to become a certified realtor.