As we all know, the bookmaking market is very large, and a number of organizations have achieved great success thanks to the giant works. However, in many countries, numerous bookmaking organizations create unreliable websites and, as a result of fraud, get the personal data of users, as well as extort money. Thus, many users become victims of fraud and lose a lot of money after registering on betting sites. But how is it possible to understand which sites are trustworthy and which organizations will not fraudulently obtain user data and money?

How to understand which betting sites are unreliable?

There are so many online sites available in the bookmaking market that not everyone is able to understand their reliability at the time. Many websites are able to provide such information, as a result of which users may think that the website is reliable, but it is not so. In order to understand which websites are reliable and which people will not fall into the arms of fraud when using them, it is necessary to pay attention to several points. First of all, you should pay attention to the license of the organization, which should always be located in the visible part of the website. According to a recent analysis, about 35% of betting sites do not provide license information, which automatically makes the site unreliable. Usually, all bookmaking organizations that are reliable in the given market provide full information about the organization, providing the organization’s head office address, phone number, email address, as well as license information. If on the bookmaker site, where users register and do not see the given information, it is necessary to conduct a study to understand whether performing actions on the site is reliable and safe. To understand which sites can be trusted by users, one can use a number of online sites that provide information about many bookmaking organizations. One such example site is For example, the casino of your choice, let’s say Admiral Casino is under question, you can check it on this site and make sure that they are reliable. In addition, such sites can also provide clear information about online casino special offers and promotions.

Typically, websites that do not require personal information or a special verification period to register can be dangerous for users’ personal information. All major bookmaking organizations follow all security norms so that their users can be sure that their personal data is in safe hands. That is why, when registering on secure websites, you may notice that the website requires identification documents for secure verification. If the verification is successful, people will be able to access their personal accounts. This process may also require online video calls, where the organization must verify the user as well as the identity document it provides.

What to do if you have become a victim of online bookmaker scams?

You can understand that you have become a victim of fraud committed by bookmaking organizations when strange transactions take place in your personal accounts. From the moment you first notice it, it is necessary to contact your bank as well as the relevant authorities. Immediate action should be taken to freeze your accounts to prevent further fraud. Also, provide the organization’s data to the relevant authorities so that they can engage in further investigation. According to recent studies, around 50% of the time, many accounts have faced gambling fraud by many online casinos. So you should make sure to use the right bookmaking company if you want to register on an online casino website. 

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