How To Add An Instagram Hashtag Feed To WordPress – Best Tool

Instagram hashtag feed

Meta Description: Instagram hashtag feeds are extremely beneficial for your brand and business if used in an appropriate way. One of the best ways is adding it to your WordPress website for better conversions.

Instagram has become the hub of marketing for all brands and businesses regardless of whether they are a well-known brand or a new start-up trying to make a name for themselves.

This extremely lively photo-sharing platform has transformed the way businesses target their potential customers.

While social media marketing only convinced marketers and brands to promote their events using various means and ways, ever since Instagram came into existence, it pretty much upscaled the marketing game of brands. 

Almost every post on Instagram comprises hashtags. Hashtags have become a common scenario ever since the platform gained popularity. 

This is because brands largely host hashtag campaigns to increase their brand’s visibility and gain more followers. 

Also, Hashtags are largely used by followers to segregate their content from others. Hashtags work extremely well to help brands stand out from their competitors.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Hashtag Feed On Website

If you are still not convinced and wondering about the benefits of displaying an Instagram hashtag feed on your website, then in this section, we shall be mentioning a few benefits that would be an eye-opener for you. 

Let’s get started!  

  • Increase The Dwell Time Of Your Visitors 

Instagram is quite a vibrant and lively social media platform. When you incorporate these feeds into your website, you add a touch of vibrancy and a pop of color to your website. 

Only written texts on your website may make the website monotonous and boring. Even though design and aesthetics are important to make your website stand out, there is a different thing about Instagram feeds altogether. 

Displaying them on your website can urge the website visitors to explore your website more, leading to an increase in their dwell time, which would reduce the website’s bounce rate. 

  • Build Social Proof With User-Generated Content  

Hashtags work extremely well to help your customers look for content and urges them to post content.

Consider the legendary Share-a-cola hashtag campaign hosted by the brand. It is considered to be one of the best and most successful hashtag campaigns ever conducted. 

Potential customers are always apprehensive about trying a new brand and displaying hashtag feed on the website. It can help brands build solid social proof as it would be the content created by the customers themselves.

Moreover, people trust other people much more than the brand’s published content!

  • Increase In Conversions & Sales 

The biggest advantage of embedding Instagram hashtag feeds on the website is that it can help grow your conversions & sales. 

Conversions can be achieved when you engage the audience in your brand and gain their trust and confidence. 

And the above-mentioned benefits would surely urge your customers to go ahead and try your products due to the vibrant look of the website accompanied by genuine, trustworthy content.

Best Tool & Plugins To Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed On Your WordPress Website

  • Taggbox Widget 

The first and the ultimate tool is Taggbox Widget. Taggbox is the Best User-Generated Content and social media aggregation platform that enables its users to collect content from various social media platforms. Including Instagram, curate it as per their requirements and embed it on the website.

Taggbox is a super responsive tool with outstanding features. The users can customize the widget by enhancing its look by selecting from a variety of templates, layouts, fonts, colors, etc. 

The advanced moderation panel on the platform lets the users monitor the content before publishing it. The users can use the profanity filter and remove any unwanted or inappropriate content from the widget. 

This platform offers advanced analytics features to the users to track the performance of the widget and get brief insights.

Users can take assistance from the robust back support system of the platform anytime they come across any technical issue or some other hindrance.

  • WD Instagram Feed 

WD Instagram feed is quite a responsive plugin to integrate Instagram content into your website. The free version of the plugin allows you to create an Instagram hashtag feed. However, it offers only two default layout options to the users for customizing and enhancing the look of the widget.

For enjoying more features, the users need to upgrade to the premium version of the plugin which is chargeable. Overall, the plugin is responsive and surely worth trying. 

  • Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is a social media aggregation plugin that allows users to collect content from various social media platforms including Instagram. 

The plugin allows you to collect as many feeds as you want. The plugin is highly responsive and compatible with smartphones as well.

However, to avail of advanced features, you need to upgrade to the paid premium version of the platform.

Closing Note 

Displaying your Instagram hashtag feed on your website offers everything that a brand requires to maximize its profits and upscale the business.

We are at the end of the blog and you are now aware of the significance of adopting this marketing strategy and the best tool and plugins to do so.

Now that you know it all, start immediately and enjoy the benefits!