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ROCKET stands for Research, Optimisation, Content, Keywords, Earned Media & links, and Testing.

It’s not only an abbreviation, but it’s the mantra to make an SEO company work for your business.


In-depth research is the key to success. In this step, the professionals will focus on gathering as much information about the company, services/products, and industry as possible. They also investigate the best online tactics of your rival companies, including website audits.  

Research is all about:

  • Deeply analyzing the competitors and websites
  • Evaluating your site and server
  • A thorough audit of the site for SEO and mobile-friendliness


Optimization plays a crucial role in improving your ranking. A comprehensive method is used to assess your site, company, and competitors. The site optimization includes both small and large updates that will enhance the accessibility and visibility of the site. For example, updating page titles, improving usability, and much more.

Optimization includes:

  • Establishing Google Analytics Account
  • Setting Business Goals
  • Updating website and content for maximum usability
  • Optimizing content, images, and titles and making the website more user-friendly
  • Focusing on specific keywords and user intent
  • Troubleshooting SEO errors


“Content is the King.”

That’s true. And, if you have been using old and duplicate content on your website, it’s time to change it.

The content on your website must be unique, informative, and meet the search queries. If you are providing your audience what they are seeking, your chances of getting top rank is pretty high. One of the best ways to get ahead in handling SEO for your project can be from the PMP Course


The keyword is the building block of any SEO strategy. It makes your content more relevant and valuable for the users. You can build a powerful strategy based on the keywords that you would use on your website.

Keywords include:

  • Research high-value and most relevant keywords for your brand
  • Explore the keyword strategy of your competitors
  • Shortlist the keywords to use across your website

Earned media and links

Your SERP ranking relies on more than 200 off-pages and on-page aspects. On-page factors might include URL, title tag, and images. These factors come from your website. Off-page factors include links from one website to another. These come from other websites.


Google changes its algorithm often. SEO allows you to adapt to the changes quickly so that you stay in the competition for a long time.

An ideal SEO company makes the best use of this facility and helps you stay rigid on the SERP. They will find different ways to test your site and highlight the changes and implement them as and when required.

They will test everything so that your website remains Google-friendly and user-friendly. 

Testing includes:

  • Creating and implementing CTAs that will attract your audience and make them act
  • Analyze the target audience and their conversion path and find out the areas that require improvement.
  • Keep a track of ROI to find new opportunities

So hire an SEO company to boost your growth.

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