How online slots have evolved?

Have you ever wondered how online slots like the Big Irish Bucks slot have evolved? It is easy to quickly see the apparent difference between classic slot machines like Cleopatra and modern slots like Gonzo’s Quest.  Slot game developers regularly release new titles, making every new release more delightful than the last.

Thanks to the rapid growth of technology, online slots are more stimulating and immersive, thereby offering an enjoyable experience. Beyond the glaring differences in gaming speed, graphics, sound effects, and other modern features, some notable events have changed the slot gaming industry ushering in this new dispensation.

Here we talk about the key moments that changed the slot gaming industry alongside insights on the future of slot machines.

The history of online casinos

Online casinos have only been around for the past two decades with, the first software created by Microgaming in 1994. However, the industry moved slowly at inception due to the drawbacks created by the internet at the time. At the time, most people were only using dial-up connections. So, sites were clunky and difficult to choose. Hence people were not eager to switch from land-based casinos to the virtual space.

But with the move away from Flash gaming and the inception of HTML5 and 3G, it became easier to create games with faster loading time and flawless play across devices. It also became easier to provide higher levels of security,  which further made customers confident about using the digital space.  However, adoption was still slow because the only way to access these casinos where via desktop websites.

By the early 2000s, new smartphones emerged, further expanding the virtual space. Mobile gaming became the trend, thereby driving more people online to take advantage of online casinos. This further moved many developers across the globe to begin launching their new mobile casinos with a host of online slot games and other gaming platforms. The early 2000s also saw the introduction of live dealer games, which enabled players to interact with real dealers and other players in real-time. This further made online casino gaming more attractive and realistic. Again, developers like NetEnt and Microgaming were taking on the frontiers.

Transformation through user-oriented designs

Over the past 10 years, slot game developers have focused on alleviating the pain points of online casino gamers by creating games of superb quality, in everything from graphics to special features. Today’s slot games focus on combining features and bonuses like cascading reels and free spins to make slot games more exciting, thereby keeping players glued to their screens for hours.

What the future of slots hold?

Online slot gaming is constantly evolving. Currently, most slot developers are focused on increasing the complexity of their gaming. But this is bound to go beyond the addition of features. Technology advancements like 3D printing, virtual reality, and augmented reality are set to take over the globe with applications in everything, including the gaming industry. So in the future, we expect that slot gaming will become more realistic and immersive through the evolution of Virtual Reality and Augmented

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