How Online Casinos Gained Popularity Due to Quarantine

Who would have thought a global pandemic would disrupt our lives so suddenly and in so many ways? Since March 2020, most countries worldwide have been affected to some extent by what is called quarantine, lockdown, or isolation. Governments take these strong measures to try and curb the spread of this devastating virus. Norway is no different, with a national lockdown coming into force in March 2020, just a few days after the first confirmed case. 

Several consequences of having to stay at home were perhaps unforeseen but unavoidable. In a survey taken in March – April 2020, Norwegians reported a more negative lifestyle: they were more sedentary, ate more, and were more depressed. They are not alone. The same has been said throughout Europe and many other parts of the world where restrictions are in place.

With more than 60% of Norwegians concerned that the economic crisis could be a more significant challenge than the pandemic itself, and unemployment rising due to the unfavourable business climate, many Norwegians would not have considered online casinos but for odds på nett.

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More Online Time

With most of us being restricted to our homes or advised to stay there except to venture forth for essentials, spending more time online must be the most apparent consequence of quarantine.

With schools, kindergartens, offices, and many places of business closed to us. We naturally spend more time online. 

There is no choice. On top of that, we can also no longer go out for recreation, with swimming pools, exercise centres, and sports stadiums closed to us.

All this has led to more online time for adults helping their children with schoolwork or games and doing their work from home in many cases.

Not only are the days filled with online time, but we use it for entertainment in the evenings too.

Although we can’t take those longed-for foreign holidays, we can travel to many more places on the web, all for a fraction of the cost. All this online time places us exactly where advertisers can reach us easiest. We even know some dedicated people who continued their exercise routines by following online classes. 

Aerobics, Pilates, stretching, and yoga are just a few of the exercise classes available online. The best part is that many of these classes are free, so you can join even if you’re on a tight budget. For those trying to come to terms with the loss of friends and family members, online meditation classes can be beneficial.

Of course, all of this extra online time puts us directly where advertisers can reach us.

Advertising by Online Casinos

We see advertisements for online casinos all around us, at sports stadiums, on TV, and the web. With the usual avenues of leisure-time entertainment, including sports and cultural events cut off from us due to quarantine restrictions,  online casinos are perfectly positioned to fill the need for entertainment in adults. 

And there is no doubt they have increased their advertising, although we don’t know whether this is due to Covid or is part of an existing long-term marketing plan.  As we are already spending more time online, it’s a small step further to search for alternative entertainment or even react to one of the many online casino advertisements. 

There is no doubt of the increase in online casinos popularity, but it’s best not to rush in and sign up with the first one you see. We advise that you proceed with caution; not all online casinos are equal in honesty and transparency or the selection of games they offer. It’s a good idea to consult an expert to help you search for the online casino that’s best for you. By doing this, you’ll be better positioned for a good experience of gambling online.


It seems to be a case of perfect timing that the number of online casinos increased and became more accessible just when they had the largest captive audience to market their products to that any business could wish for. No matter how it happened, it has given us some delightful games to play that cheer us up when we’re feeling low.